beautifood bite | sesame seeds

Edible seeds of the flowering plant Sesamum indicum. Dates back to > 5000 years ago, revered for mystical powers…think Ali Baba and “Open Sesame”

FOOD ACTIVES: copper, vitamin E, zinc, manganese and UNIQUE antioxidant lignans sesamin and sesamolin.


Helps  produce a radiant, and bright complexion. Vitamin E reduces inflammation and keeps skin toned. Copper plays an important role in preventing age spots and stimulates collagen and elastin formation. Sesamolin and sesamin increase vitamin E supplies in your body. Zinc  assists against acne .

COOK: adds a nutty taste & crunch to salads and stir-fries, sprinkle away to boost your breakfast bowl or baking. Use the oil or tahini in Asian dressings or marinades.

TIP: Keeps well because of high levels of natural antioxidants.

dividers R1-beautifood middle yellow

PRINT this gorgeous 10x15cm beautifood infobite photocard to keep beauty inspiration at finger tips reach in your kitchen

Step 1. Simply click on the infobite image left.

Step 2. Then right click and choose ‘Save image as’ where it will be a JPEG in whichever folder you choose.

Step 3. Open the saved image and print on a postcard size (6”x4”/10cmx15cm) photopaper.

Step 4. Be at printer for your gorgeous beautifood infobite card!

Step 5. File in a handy place in your kitchen.