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The simple truth - what's in Lip Nourish natural lipstick

The simple truth - what's in Lip Nourish natural lipstick

We kiss with them, we eat with them, we sip with them and we smile with them – and paired with the right balm, gloss or stain, they can transform our entire face. Indeed our lips are one of our most important facial features, so doesn’t it make complete sense to take gentle care of them as we would our bodies?
Aside from keeping them luscious and hydrated with plenty of water and exfoliating them with gentle concoctions (like coconut oil and brown sugar), isn’t it incredible that one single product can cater to our pout’s every need and make them chap-free, pigmented, sumptuous and pillowy soft - lipstick is the miracle product found in many-a makeup bag. Lipstick can be traced back to ancient civilisations where the Syrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Greeks would colour their lips and cheeks with red stains from plants and other interesting materials. Ancient Egyptians even used fish scales to make lips appear more pearlescent. So how far have we come in the development of age-old rouge? Quite far, but not necessarily in the best way. Our modern day conventional lipsticks can be a source of harmful chemicals, which is worrying, since it's used near the mouth and these chemicals are easily absorbed. Years ago, I was shocked to discover just how many toxins consumers were ingesting by way of lipstick. Surely there was a better alternative… a safer solution? How could we be okay with allowing endocrine-disrupting mineral oils, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, petrochemicals, dyes and fragrances to enter our bloodstream?
After much 'trial and error' in my test beauty kitchen and lots of experimenting with lipstick formulations, with my food science background, I created the natural solution with Lip Nourish Lipstick. Made from ingredients that if they were put in front of you, you could eat them and not worry, it was a †˜no-brainer’. Lipstick could be made from healthy foods. The product was scoped out, packaging sourced, an eco designer and world class manufacturer found all in 4+ years from concept to launch!
We're thriving today sharing the importance of feeding’ your skin from the outside in. I'd love to walk you through exactly what goes into each nourishing 100% natural lipstick – because you, as a consumer, deserve to know exactly what you are applying to your skin. WHAT IS LIP NOURISH? Lip Nourish is a luxe, sheer, balm-meets-lipstick made from real food ingredients that nourish and fortify the delicate skin on the lips. It comes in 8 shades and is a 100% natural and brimming with skin food actives your lips crave. It's so safe, even your kids can wear it! Comfy and easy to wear all day every day, it’s your go-to lip treat for a pretty, naked glow! Lip Nourish Natural Lipstick THE LOOK Each Lip Nourish kisses the pout in sheer colour and lustre that’s not too shiny or pigmented. The lipsticks are housed in a chic tube that’s small enough to stow away in your purse or handbag and whip out at a moment’s notice and they’re wrapped in a beautiful piece of fabric to protect it during postage and as a keepsake to polish glasses and screens. THE FEEL The consistency of Lip Nourish is positively divine. It’s an experience. It goes on with an incredibly crème soft soothing texture as it nourishes, hydrates and protects lips. The cocktail of superfoods keeps your pout healthy, moist and nourished and oh-so-kissable. THE INGREDIENTS The Lip Nourish recipe is unique as it’s made from healthy and nourishing foods you would normally pop on your plate like avocado, sesame, citrus, spices and herbs. The nutrient-rich base recipe found is the same in all 12 varieties. Specifically, the nutrient active ingredients in Lip Nourish contain: – age fighting antioxidants – natural anti-inflammatories – essential fatty acids (omega 3+6) – healthy oils (avocado, sesame, castor seed) – natural flavour oils (citrus + herbs + spices) - Mineral pigments These are all foods you eat for beautiful skin so you never have to experience dry, unhealthy lips again. You won’t find any synthetic dyes. No artificial flavours. No synthetic fragrances. No parabens. No phthalates. No mineral or nut oils. No synthetic emollients or silicone or lanolin. Just clean food, pure plant oils, mineral pigments and nutrient active ingredients for a nourished pout. THE SCIENCE Here is a little bit of scientific background info about what each essential ingredient does for your lip and skin health:
Carotenoids – help protect skin cells from free radical damage and stimulate immunity Glutathione –potent detoxifier, helps in the formation of all other anti-oxidants in body Sesamin/sesamolin – boosts vitamin antioxidant activity for greater effect
Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6: metabolise energy to maintain renewal and repair of lip cells Vitamin C – major antioxidant, key in the production of collagen and delicate skin repair giving youthful, firm lips.
Vitamin A – essential for the growth of healthy cells and generation of a barrier to toxins Vitamin E – minimises lines and wrinkles while neutralising damaging free radicals
Zinc – accelerates repair, giving smooth softness Potassium – hydrating and moisturising preventing dry and cracked lips Magnesium – soothes calms and heals, while providing immunity from allergens.
Omega 3, 6 and 9 – hydrating, excellent emollients and form an effective barrier, preventing inflammation and fight the everyday toxins you encounter.


The Lip Nourish menu is made up of zesty citruses and warming spices as well as subtle flavours made from cold pressed plant oils that offer a unique taste. These shades gently colour lips with sheer, soft, natural pigment in nudes, taupes, pinks and reds.
    • Nude Cinnamon is completely nude, universally flattering and is suitable as a rich creamy balm for everyone including men.
    • Chai Shimmer is the perfect nude with a golden undertone to suit nearly every girl or woman
    • Peach Melon sheer coverage in a pretty soft coral shade
    • Pink Juniper features a light pinkish tone suitable for blonde hair & fair skin.
    • Rose Lime gently evens out the lip tone and is a rosy taupe hue
    • Tea Rose is very similar to the natural colour of your lips and suits most people.
    • Mandarin Spice is suitable for medium to dark skin tones and hair colour.
    • Vanilla Chocolate stains lips with spiced chocolate and is suitable for brunettes and olive or darker skin tones
    • Ruby Grapefruit sheer to medium coverage in a pretty, peach pink shade
    • Cranberry Citrus sheer to medium coverage in a sheer rusty red shade with a slight golden hue
    • Cherry Plum sheer to medium coverage in a deep, berry red
As much of the lipstick you put on your lips is digested or absorbed, it’s important the ingredients can be ingested. Many women get the connection between eating for health and beauty, and the next step is making the connection with †˜feeding’ our skin from the outside in. In our innovative times, we're given more choice in applying healthy products to the skin without the fear of harming our insides with toxins. After all, the right natural lipsticks do more than make you look amazing – they moisturise and nourish using wholesome ingredients that give you that healthy, beautiful colour and make you feel like glow from the inside out and be the best version of yourself possible. And that's what true beauty is all about. Cindy
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