Perfect Pairings: Lip Nourish and Lipstick Crayon for Naturally Beautiful Lips!

Perfect Pairings: Lip Nourish and Lipstick Crayon for Naturally Beautiful Lips!

Lips, one of our most alluring features, deserve a little care and attention.

Looking for the perfect combination to achieve naturally beautiful lips? Look no further than our Lip Nourish™ Lipsticks and Lipstick Crayons! These two products work together harmoniously to enhance your lips with nourishing ingredients and stunning colors.

A little everyday lip luxury

Individually, the Lip Nourish™ and Lipstick Crayons are exceptional lip products. However, the magic truly happens when they come together as a power duo. The nourishing properties of the Lip Nourish™ Lipsticks lay the groundwork for soft, delicious lips, while the Lipstick Crayon takes your lip game to the next level with its hyper hydrating, long lasting, creamy, full coverage that doesn't dry lips out.

Lip Nourish™ is a sheer, buildable natural lipstick with the nourishing benefits of a balm, dewy, satin finish and delicious taste. The synthetic-free, breathable balmy formula instantly and over time quenches and feeds lips with moisture, vitamins and antioxidants while adding a kiss of natural colour that builds with each swipe. Packed with natural goodness, its creamy soft texture melts into lips thanks to the cocoa butter whilst beeswax and plant waxes form a shield to lock moisture in. Nutrient-active botanicals avocado oil, jojoba, vitamin C rich organic cold pressed citrus + Vitamin E deeply hydrate and nourish, helping lips smooth and soften whilst improving and protecting lip health.

Indulge in multi-sensory, comforting natural lipstick colour you'll want to twist up and apply again and again for soft, delicious and healthy lips that effortlessly refreshes your look. The menu of 14 delicious swipe and go shades each have a unique flavour and scent profile imparted from a culinary combined mix of nutrient active cold pressed organic citrus, spice and herbaceous oils.

To intensify the color and add a touch of vibrancy, the Lipstick Crayon is your go-to. High pigment, long-lasting and hydrating natural lipstick crayon and lip liner in one.

The matte finish of this vegan, creamy colour balm crayon creates a sophisticated natural look while organic coconut oil and plant waxes + antioxidant rich vitamin E and natural silica smooth, nourish and hydrate lips without caking or dying.

Our most sustainable product yet, this sleek zero plastic pencil is made from sustainably grown and compostable wood with an eco-friendly bio-based plastic lid to help reduce carbon emissions and achieve near zero waste.

Our minimal multi-use and universally flattering range of five nudes and neutrals add a joyful pop of colour to create a sophisticated, natural look.

"The Lipstick Crayon is my ultimate go-to when I want to create a polished and sophisticated look that is still natural and effortless. It's ultra-hydrating and gives long-lasting pop of colour - all while doing good for the planet. A first of its kind - vegan, plastic-free and almost zero-waste, the Lipstick Crayon sets a new benchmark for Lük Beautifood in sustainability." Cindy Luken, Founder

Favourite Shade Pairs

Apply Lipstick Crayon to lips first for a fuller coverage, then swipe Lip Nourish™ on top for a more dewy look.

Or use the Lipstick Crayon as a lip liner to define lips and complement your Lip Nourish™ shade of choice.

Here are our favourite pairings for you to try! Or create your own signature lip with your own creations and please share them with us on the socials.

Lipstick Crayon in Fig Brûlée - Pair with Rose Lime, Tea Rose and Pink Juniper Lip Nourish™

Fig Brûlée is a neutral deep mauve rose

  • Rose Lime is a warm pecan and a Lük Beautifood best seller
  • Combined, makes a perfect slightly browner, rose lip
  • Tea Rose is a deep dusky pink also with a hint of mauve.
  • Another best seller with an elegant scent
  • Pink Juniper is a cooler pastel dusky pink and looks great on fair skin
  • Use Fig Brûlée as a liner or apply it on top for a little more colour

Fig Brulee


Lipstick Crayon in Honey Peach - Pair with Nude Sugar, Peach Melon and Chai Shimmer Lip Nourish™

Honey Peach is a light warm nude

  • Nude Sugar is a Champagne Pink and has a gentle shimmer that gives lips a light wash of kissable pink.
  • Your lips will look like an inviting blush Champagne!
  • Peach Melon is a soft apricot for that dewy peach look
  • Peaches and Honey - what a delicious combo!
  • Chai Shimmer is a barely there golden beige that tastes and smells of Chai
  • Chai with a dash of honey peach anyone?

Honey Peach

Lipstick Crayon in Caramel Kiss - Pair with Nude Pink, Cranberry Citrus, Tangerine Pomegranate Lip Nourish™

Caramel Kiss is rusty rose brown and a customer favourite

  • Nude Pink is a caramel rose shade
  • Perfect under or over Caramel Kiss to deepen the colour
  • Cranberry Citrus is a bright and glamorous fiery red
  • Caramel Kiss over the top drops the tone down a little

Caramel Kiss

Lipstick Crayon in Lychee Sorbet - Pair with Ruby Grapefruit, Rosé and Guava Blush Lip Nourish™

Lychee Sorbet is a dusky pink.

  • Ruby Grapefruit is a rich cocktail pink
  • Lychee Sorbet pairs perfectly as a subtle lip liner
  • Rosé is a pretty wine red
  • Layer Lychee Sorbet under Rosé for a beautiful rich lip
  • Guava Blush is a soft pink with a hint of tint
  • These two are made for each other…Lychee Sorbet + Guava = YUM!

Lychee Sorbet

Lipstick Crayon in Berry Bite - Pair with Lip Nourish™ in Cherry Plum or Rosé to create your signature shade.

Berry Bite is a deep maroon - not macaron but looks good enough to eat!

  • Cherry Plum is a rich cerise red with a berry hue
  • Berries and Cherries - perfect!
  • Rosé is a pretty wine red
  • Make it fuller bodied deeper with a swipe of Berry Bite

Berry Bite

Embrace your natural beauty with Lip Nourish™ and Lipstick Crayons – a duo that proves you don't need to compromise on health or style to achieve the perfect, naturally beautiful lips. Whether you opt for a subtle, day-to-day look or want to make a bold impression, this pairings got you covered. So, pucker up and get ready to conquer the world with your irresistibly stunning lips!

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