Natural Beauty Trends for 2024: A Lük Beautifood Guide

Natural Beauty Trends for 2024: A Lük Beautifood Guide

As we step into 2024, the beauty industry is witnessing a remarkable shift towards embracing the natural, authentic and sustainable products. The trend is clear - effortless beauty that highlights individuality and honours the environment. In this blog post, join us in exploring the top natural beauty trends that are set to dominate 2024, celebrating the genuine essence of beauty.

Going Natural

This year, we see the trend of going natural. Soft glams and even skin tones will be the most popular makeup looks. Opting for a more natural look on red carpets and runways was observed at the end of last year.

From streamlining your makeup routine or using products that nourish your skin, 2024 will be about achieving a more natural and healthier look. Say goodbye to synthetic makeup ingredients and say hello to nourishing natural beauty products.

Colour of the Year - Peach Fuzz

Let’s start this look guide by incorporating the colour of the year into your favourite looks. Achieve peach fuzz perfection by using the combination of our Lip Nourish™ Peach Melon and Lipstick Crayon Honey Peach. These shades give a subtle and natural peach shade while nourishing and hydrating your lips.

Glowing Natural Skin

For consecutive years, the Instagram-glam look has been unpopular with Influencers. The trend of embracing a naturally radiant and glowing skin aesthetic is expected to persist strongly into 2024. Skin tints will be the go-to choice for a light and more natural makeup look.

Nourished Lips

The ideal match for radiant and fresh skin is having soft, lightly moisturised nude lips. To achieve this, it is importat to prioritise lip care through the use of gentle scrubs and balms. Opting for subtle glosses and lip tints that allow your natural lip colour to shine through is crucial for this look. Nourished lips can be achieve by using our Lip Nourish™ in shades Chai Shimmer, Pure, Tea Rose, and Nude Pink.

Soft glam

Soft glam refers to a makeup style that emphasizes a polished and sophisticated look while maintaining a subtle and understated aesthetic rather than masking. It typically involves muted and neutral tones, focusing on enhancing natural features without overly dramatic or bold elements.

Soft glam makeup often includes a flawless complexion with a natural finish, softly defined eyes using neutral eyeshadows, and well-defined but not overly bold eyebrows. The lip colour is usually in nude or soft, muted shades. Soft glam is popular for various occasions where a more refined and elegant appearance is desired, striking a balance between a glamorous look and a natural, timeless beauty.

Ombré lips

While not a new trend for 2024, ombré lips continue to maintain their popularity after taking the spotlight in 2023. In case you overlooked it, this lip style involves creating a deeper contour and definition around the lip edges, leaving the centre lighter and blending different shades to achieve a gradient effect. Achieve the perfect ombré lips with our Lip Nourish + Lipstick Crayons combinations. Find the delicious pairings by reading this guide.

Healthy Lashes

The era of exaggerated, artificial-looking lashes, such as the Whopper style, is fading away. With advancements in techniques and product innovations, our everyday lash standards have risen. There will be a significant shift from salon-style lashes to more natural-looking lashes.

Glossy lips

While it may not be surprising due to their immense popularity, another standout trend for makeup in 2024 is undoubtedly glossy lips. Glossy lips will persist as a trend throughout the year. The use of natural and sheer shades will undoubtedly be a hit this year. Glossy lips can be achieved by using sheer shades like our favourite Lip Nourish™ in the shade Tea Rose.

Blurred lips

Another lip trend gaining popularity, especially among those who prefer a low-maintenance approach, is the blurred lips technique. It emphasises simplicity; it doesn't require constant attention like a precise, bold lip or statement lip liner. This look shows a subtle flush of colour that appears soft and natural. The perfect Lip Nourish™ shades are: Guava Blush, Pink Juniper, Rose Lime.

To achieve this look, the lips should be prepped with exfoliation and moisturization, selecting a lipstick shade that complements the skin tone. Then, apply a small amount of lipstick and spread it by pressing the lips together. It's an effortlessly pretty and low-key style that many are embracing.

Monochromatic makeup

Ultimately, achieving cohesion and uniformity in your makeup application will elevate your overall look and bring everything into harmony. Choosing a neutral, monochromatic look is an effortless way to exude a cool and modern aesthetic. This look embraces the 90s monochromatic looks and reintroduces a minimalist vibe, adding a touch of timeless style. To achieve this look you can use Instant Glow Skin Tint as the base, Lash Nourish in Espresso for those lush lashes, Lip Nourish™ Tea Rose on cheeks and eyes and Caramel Kiss on lips.


In 2024, the beauty mantra is all about celebrating individuality and embracing the natural. From glowing skin to minimalist makeup, and sustainable products to natural hair textures, the trends are shifting towards authenticity. As we navigate through the year, let's embark on a journey of self-love and acceptance, honouring the beauty that is uniquely our own as reflected in our Lük philosophy.

The Lük philosophy is to highlight not hide with cosmetics that celebrate and elevate your innate natural beauty giving you the courage to be and feel your most radiant self.

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