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6 Cold Pressed Juices for Super Skin Nourishment

Our juices are deliciously flavoured, nutritionally designed and cold pressed to retain their active nutrients and enzymes. Beauty-boosting juices are a fast track to clear, glowing skin, more energy and a lighter, brighter feeling from the inside out. Great along side our famous Breakfast Beauty Bar, here are our 5 signature cold pressed beauty juices you can try at home:
Antioxidant boost
The Antioxidant Boost juice is an age defying super juice! Its ingredients will provide you the antioxidant boost your skins needs to brighten complexion and help improve wrinkles and fine lines. Raspberries are one of the top foods to help to fight blemishes and breakouts. This provides an additional benefits to ensure your natural beauty shines throughout the day! Orange – Vitamin C improves skin texture, tightening your complexion Pomegranate – Ellagic acid to help repair skin and reduce wrinkles Raspberry – Rich in antioxidants to fight free radicals Turmeric – Potent anti-inflammatory, brightens and calms skin by decreasing skin puffiness and redness
Give your body a mini detox with this delicious rich juice filled with detoxifying ingredients like beetroot and lemon. Helping to cleanse and rejuvenate your body, our Detox juice will give you the perfect start to your day. The inclusion of apple also helps to protect your skin throughout the day from the suns damaging UV rays, keeping it smooth and bright while antioxidants in beetroot decrease redness and puffiness within your complexion. Apple – High fibre aids digestion and removal of toxins Beetroot – Detoxifies the skin by eliminating impurities via the liver Ginger – Antioxidants neutralise damaging free radicals Lemon – Strengthens skin cells, smoothing your complexion
Immunity kick
If you're feeling exhausted and lethargic at the end of a working day, the Immunity Kick may be just what you need. When your body becomes run down it is more susceptible to getting sick - it is even more important if you are getting sick to stop the illness before it progresses... This Immunity Kick will not only boost your immune system, it will also help to boost energy levels to keep you feeling your best inside and out. The presence of ginger is the perfect touch with its high anti inflammatory properties. Inflammation can increase when our body focuses on fighting off bacteria or viruses, ginger helps to protect your body and keep inflammation within you complexion at a minimum. Apple – You know what they say 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away!' plus gives a great vitamin C boost Lemon – Antioxidant Vitamin C protects the bodys cells Ginger – Eases headaches and sore throats Cayenne – Immediate metabolism booster, also great for sore throats and irritating coughs
Glow and go Green Smoothie
Our Glow + Go smoothie is most loved and best-selling juice. Not only will give you a natural boost in energy to kick start your day, this smoothie also works to give you a healthy natural glow on the outside. This juice is the perfect option for a busy morning when both you and your skin need a little pick-me-up. The presence of chlorophyll helps to neutralise acids in your body and bring it back alkaline, helping to maintain balance. It also boosts oxygen levels in your blood ensuring all your cells are nourished, while creating an energised and fresh feeling within. Avocado – Luscious lipids with vitamin E to replenish moisture Banana – Sustained energy boost Coconut water – Natural electrolytes for a day on the go Kale – Vitamin A to enhance skin tone and smoothness Cucumber – Helps eliminate toxins for a radiant complexion Lime – Vitamin C makes collagen and elastin Mesclun – Chlorophyll to oxygenate and energise the body Pineapple – Enzyme bromelain keeps the immune system in top shape
Super skin milk
This Super Skin Milk does exactly as the name suggests. Delicious and moisturising, this pressed almond milk is the perfect addition to any breakfast and will help your skin maintain moisture and elasticity as well as reduce fine lines leaving it feeling smooth and soft for a flawless complexion. The presence of vitamin E in almonds helps to promote tissue rejuvenation and healthy repair, creating a fresh and bright complexion. It also helps to heal cracked lips or dry spots within your appearance. Almonds – Maintain skin elasticity for smooth, soft dewy skin Cardamom – Eliminates wastes which can cause dryness Cinnamon – Encourages tight and smooth skin for a youthful complexion Dates – Iron helps to provide oxygen to our cells creating a radiant complexion Water – Hydrates and plumps skin cells Nutmeg – Reduces acne for clear skin Sea salt – Aids the removal of toxins from cells for fresh, bright skin Vanilla bean – Helps smooth fine lines for a youthful appearance Which one will be your favourite!? cold pressed juices, beauty juice, cleanse
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