Turmeric & Almond Milk Drink

Turmeric and Almond Milk | super skin drink

This beauty-full turmeric and almond super skin drink recipe is packed with anti-inflammatory and skin moisturising benefits. We make this drink at our luk beautifood bar at the Sydney Morning Herald Growers Market held the first Saturday of every month at Pyrmont in Sydney. 7-11am. Nut milks provide a delicious base and if you have the right machine they are quick and easy to make. Why not pre-make a few turmeric and almond milk batches stored in little jars and sip each day as part of your morning beauty regime. Sadly the consumption of fat in our everyday diet has taken a massive battering over the last 2 decades. Fat is essential for our bodies to function optimally, so enjoy the healthy monounsaturated and essential fatty acids in this turmeric and almond milk drink. It contains approximately 7% fat- the same as greek yoghurt, 3% sugar & protein... so what are you waiting for ?
This turmeric and almond milk drink is exactly what your body needs to restore itself to optimal functioning for the day ahead! TURMERIC: By working to reduce inflammation, puffiness and redness will be decreased and glowing skin restored. It's antibacterial properties work to rid acne and ease skin pigmentation sustaining a smooth, youthful complexion . Lush hair is also preserved as your scalp is nourished via curcumin, an antioxidant present, while damage to hair follicles is reduced. ALMONDS: Amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamin E and powerful antioxidants keep skin moisturised and younger looking. By soaking almonds you activate the enzyme inhibitors and improve digestibility. PEAR: Good source vitamin C + high fibre to maintain digestive health for the removal of toxins and increased uptake of nutrients from foods. GINGER: Full of anti-inflammatory fighting substances to aid digestion for better nutrient uptake. LEMON: Rich in vitamin C, essential for making collagen for firmer skin. Body Alkalising and cleansing.WATER: Hydration to keep cells plump and skin smooth. Try this turmeric and almond milk super skin drink tomorrow and feel your body revitalise itself.
2 x 250ml serves | 5 minutes wo-to-go (+ 12hrs soaking of nuts)
90 (110g) Almonds (equivalent of 18 / 100ml water) 1-2 Pears (not too ripe as they don't discolour) 1 Slice of fresh turmeric – 2-3cm x 1cm diameter 1 Thin slice of fresh ginger 2-3 Slices of lemon with skin 500ml filtered (cold) water
Cold Pressed Machine (eg Kuving's Silent Juicer)
  1. Soak almonds overnight to soften & activate
  2. Drain and discard water
  3. Process almonds thru juicer with water, keeping 100ml.
  4. Follow with pears and lemon and turmeric.
  5. Flush thru remaining water.
  6. Mix, taste (adjust if necessary) and serve trumeric and almond milk on ice.
  • Fresh turmeric is fabulous for an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory boost. YES it is bright yellow naturally.
  • Whisk in an egg at the end for protein natural face lift food! Amino acids are the building blocks of skin + are essential for growth and repair of all your cells.
  • Add a dollop of yoghurt for probiotics to the turmeric and almond milk to keep your digestive tract in order to help remove toxins and for better absorption of nutrients fro clearer skin. If you don't like dairy try some of the fabulous natural coconut yoghurts that are around now.
  • Instead of water use coconut water for electrolytes and immunity.
  • Cinnamon or vanilla can be added for extra aromatics as the turmeric has quite an earthy taste.
  • Use any other nut – cashews, macadamia’s or brazil (particularly good source of silica to strengthen nails and hair)
  • Pre-make a few little jars in one batch of turmeric and almond milk and sip daily as part of your morning beauty regime.
  • Depending on what beauty benefits you require, swap or add ingredients to suit your personal needs. EG add some pumpkin seeds to your turmeric and almond milk for zinc if you have pimples. Zinc helps to heal skin.
Vibrant and powerful turmeric is available fresh and ground Vibrant and powerful turmeric is available fresh and ground - like ginger it is a rhizome (root) on a leafy tropical bush native to SE Asia. It has awesome anti-inflammatory properties for fighting redness, puffy skin and acne.
Turmeric & Almond Milk Drink Ingredients include lemon, ginger and pear Turmeric and almond milk drink ingredients include lemon, ginger and pear
Activated almondsurmeric & Almond Milk Drink Ingredients Almonds have been soaked over night before making into turmeric and almond milk
dividers R1-luk middle yellow be delicious.... inside and out
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