lük beautifood bar at the SMH Growers’ Market

Last Saturday was the perfect morning for spring to boast its warm air and clear skies at the SMH Growers’ Markets held in the picturesque Pyrmont Bay Park. The city skyline and sparkling water made for a perfect backdrop for a morning of juicing and educating customers about the beauty in food.

We had a dream… to meet you, to inspire you, to create for you a new type of beauty food bar. A place where you could ‘nourish your body..inside and out”.

[behind the scenes] We arrived at the park for a 5am start and after a couple hours of setting up to the dim light of the street and Star City our stand was looking pretty dapper! Like pros come 7am we were set up and ready for business….but the pressure was on as we had never done anything like this before!

Our stand was as beautiful as it was eye-catching, with the bright yellow striped fabric being complemented by the wall of fresh organic produce and vivid display of cold-pressed ingredients made on the Kuvings silent juicer. (tx Andrew from Yes to Greens for looking after us). With such a colourful presence (& being NEW) we were one of the busiest stalls at the markets. The vibrancy of the jars of cold-pressed fruit and organic vegetables  (from Cindy’s 4am trip Eco Farms at Flemington) enticed people to get snap-happy with their iPhones and got them talking about the colour, the content and the desire to purchase them!

[on the menu] Our delicious ‘nourish your body inside out’ organic menu offered:

  • Berry Antioxidant Smoothie – Colour me beautiful with blueberries, orange, banana and mint
  • Red Detox Cleanse – Cleanse and renew with beetroot, carrot and lemon
  • Beauty Boosting Green Smoothie – For a healthy glow and get up and go with kale, spinach, avocado, cucumber, lemon, mint and parsley
  • Super Skin Milk – A moisturising boost with almonds, pear, lemon & ginger

All the juices were made fresh on the spot except for the cold-pressed ‘activated’ almond milk that we prepared to the rising sun earlier that morning. Each juice was quaintly presented in a 200 or 250ml jar with a tag informing customers of the beauty benefits they were receiving with every sip. And for only $5 each, they were flying out the Vitamix!  TX so much Vitamix for supporting our stand with your fab machine. We had wooden crates for recycling the jars and over 70 were returned. WOOHOO!

Also on the Inside Out beauty menu was

Breakfast Beautifood Bar; a delicious and energy-loaded mix of nuts and seeds that were showing to be a popular breakfast choice for everyone from toddlers to grandpas. Many came back for a second serving!

On the Outside In beauty menu was:

Our lovely Lip Nourish made up the other half of our stall where the seven delicious flavours and their raw ingredients sat on display. Customers were given the opportunity to try on each one and experiment with the mixing of colours and flavours while Cindy educated them about the all-natural, edible ingredients. Our Lip Nourish was just as popular as the juices with a crowd of people encircled around the display at any one time. With the selection of seven different citrus and spice mixes (Vanilla & Cinnamon, Orange & Juniper, Lemon & Mint, Lime & Ginger, Mandarin & Cinnamon, Tangerine & Vanilla, and Chai Shimmer) people were finding it too difficult to choose and would end up having to buy at least two.

By 11.15am we finally raised our heads and thought we’d be exhausted after our 5am start but with our  tummy’s full of vitalising juice coupled with the buzz from such a successful morning we felt ready to start our Saturday afternoon on an effervescent note. (Cindy did confess later she went home to bed as she’d be living on 4-5 hours sleep for several nights before!!)

Enticed by our delicious juice menu or want the chance to sample a Lip Nourish? Well we’ll be setting up shop every month down at the SMH Growers’ Markets from now on! AND next month is the 15 year birthday celebrations of the market + the first major event of October Good Food Month.

See you there

look feel be delicious

Aimee hard at work

The vibrant spectrum of cold-pressed juices

Our colourful display of cold-pressed juices showing the vibrant beauty in food

Serving the Breakfast Beautifood Bar by the slice

Serving the Breakfast Beautifood Bar by the slice

The Lip Nourish display

Our Lip Nourish display | nourish your beauty outside in



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  1. kimvellere
    kimvellere says:

    Looks amazing and not surprised your stall was so busy! Glad to hear you will be at the Markets regularly as I would love to swing by next time. Received my first Lip Nourish last week and love it (and the packaging .. what a lovely touch!) Have a great weekend, especially after so much hard work last weekend!


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