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The How-To on Healthy Snacking

For such a small part of our day, snacking can do its damage without us even realising.
We often plan out our healthy dinners, pre-prepare lunches to bring to work and have our †˜go-to’ breakfasts, but it’s the little tummy grumble between meals that somehow ends up being our downfall. With spring in sight, our resident nutritionist Freyah has put together her top healthy snacking tips as well as some delicious and healthy snacking ideas that you and the whole family will love.
TIP #1:
Snacking can actually allow us to boost our nutritional intake and energy levels so make it count! If you know you don’t eat enough fruit and veggies (2 and 5) then make it up with a nutrient dense snack. Smoothies are a great way to add extra vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your diet as well as nourish your skin from the inside out. Make one in the morning and leave it in the work fridge so it’s ready for when you need it. Try our glow and go smoothie for a little pick-me-up between meals.
TIP #2:
Eat snacks rich in protein when you feel extra hungry or if you know it will be a while until you can next eat. Try our protein glow balls or have small tin of salmon or tuna. Other healthy snacking ideas also include roasted chickpeas, a boiled egg or vegetable sticks with a small amount of organic peanut butter.
TIP #3:
Stay hydrated! Reduce cravings and maintain mental clarity by keeping your body hydrated. Sometimes just a simple glass of water is all you need to keep yourself going between meals. Try adding a slice of lemon or some orange and mint to a glass of cold water for extra flavour and health benefits.
TIP #4:
Snacking isn’t unhealthy when done right. If your snack is a small amount of nutritious food it can stop you over eating at your next meal. If you’re feeling like chocolate is the only thing on your mind… stop, think and be aware of your cravings and why you’re feeling them, is it just boredom? Browse through our healthy snacking ideas and make a conscious decision of what will fulfil your hunger. If you are going to have chocolate, have a small amount which is rich in cacao (<70%), for an antioxidant boost.
TIP #5:
Prepare your snacks in advance so you can control portion size. This also gives you a chance to mix it up and try new recipes! Try some frozen grapes, fresh fruit you wouldn’t normally buy or seasoning vegetables with lemon, herbs and spices. Trail mixes are also great healthy snacking ideas and can be made in big batches with lots of room for variation.

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