Monday Motivation | Colour yourself beautiful

“Colour yourself beautiful from the inside out”

Eating the rainbow is a term I often use. It was not until I pressed the juice from a pile of different vegetables & fruits that my (kids + friends) really got excited.

These picture are true colour & are truly beautiful, as are the tastes.  (well most…the kale needs a little blending unless you like eating the smell of freshly cut grass!).

By preparing juices this way I got to experience the individual flavours.

But the best part was preparing a unique ‘cocktail’. Mixing not only by flavour but by beauty benefit.

Go here if you like to know more about what different colour F&V can do for your skin & hair.

So start eating colour and have a deliciously colourful week. x

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Veggies are a girls best friend

Veggies are a girls best friend

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