Having Tea with Tavi Gevinson, fashion pioneer & founder of Style Rookie


The Saturday sunshine made for a perfect day for tea, cake and Tavi Gevinson. Yes, I was lucky enough to be invited to Tea with Tavi, an event held at the beautiful location of The Grounds in Alexandria hosted by Nuffnang; a company dedicated to making an inspirational community for bloggers by bloggers.

I felt privileged to be invited amid the many other fortunate attendees from the fashion and beauty realms of the blogosphere, which made for an eclectic group sitting at a long table amongst teacups and bouquets. As well as the fantastic outfits (Willabelle), there was much potential to be admired from these young and aspiring people.

But of course the bulk of my admiration was directed towards the gorgeous Tavi, who is as inspiring as she is down-to-earth. It’s incredible to meet such a wise and learned girl who at only seventeen has already had a prodigious five-year career from where she can draw experience and insight. She spoke about how and why she started her blog, her inspirations, her interests and everything else in between while we sipped lemonade and nibbled at delicious treats. Modestly, she acknowledged her unique and lucky life running a growing media empire but assured us that she still has time for normal teenage things which was good to hear.

She spoke about stemming out from her fashion roots with her online and print publication also addressing other things she likes and loves, everyday issues that teenage girls face and feminism. Her Rookie Mag site aims to represent and empower all girls and young women and helps to provide a space where a conversation can be started on these important topics that often get sidelined in mainstream media.

She finished off with a small Q&A and some words of advice for us all; how to achieve success is to surround yourself with things that make you make you happy and inspire you.

Attendees were not to leave empty handed, with each of us being spoiled with a brightly coloured goody bag filled with makeup by Illamasque, jewellery by Louisa and Next, organic argan oil by miski, Bondi Sands tanning milk, Swisse vitamins, the latest Yen magazine (featuring the lovely Tavi on the cover) and a Luk Nourish Lipstick! And I may also have nabbed myself one of those beautiful bouquets of sweetpeas from the table..that ended up in a pretty porridge IG on monday!

A media trailblazer and pioneer of the fashion blogosphere, this young woman has left me feeling awe….and I so love how she now wears ‘comfort clothes’ because she as job to do at her Rookie Mag rather than working out who she is. I wonder what she wore for her talk in the Concert Hall of the Opera House…the reason why she was on town!

09-2013-08-17 11.39.13

Some lunchtime treats..quinoa & goji berry porridge, bruchetta and a strawberry tart

04-2013-08-17 11.08.15

The lovely Tavi

11-2013-08-17 12.22.26

Story time

10-2013-08-17 12.02.15

Tavi and Kathie Melocco, digital guru and founder of ministryofblog.com

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