Strawberry Sensation Smoothie

Strawberry Sensation Smoothie recipe via Nina Loves Summer

This Strawberry Sensation Smoothie recipe from Nina Loves Summer is a great way to pack a powerful dose of healthy nutrition into your daily grind. Tucked beneath the mouthwatering ingredients, a wealth of health and beauty benefits awaits you! Consider it your early Summer escape.


1 cup frozen mango

2 bananas

1 cups strawberries

1-2 cups vegan milk

¼ cup raw cashews

1 tbs coconut oil


Coconut yoghurt

Fresh seasonal fruit


1. Add sliced mango, banana and strawberries to blender with vegan milk.

2. Add raw cashew nuts and coconut oil.

3. Blend until smooth and pour into glass.

4. Top with 2 tbs coconut yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruit. Enjoy!

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What is your favourite healthy smoothie recipe natural beauties? Share below!

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Healthy Mocktail Recipe – skin hydrating Watermelon

Perfect for entertaining – your friends will love sipping on this pretty watermelon healthy mocktail on a warm summers day!

This healthy mocktail recipe is a refreshing, guilt free way to hydrate and revitalise your body on any occasion.  As watermelon is 91% water, this recipe will leave you feeling fresh and light and with the added ice, will help to cool your body and bare the heat of a hot summers day whilst giving your skin a powerhouse of antioxidants.


Watermelons are high in vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene which work together as a hero combination for your skin. Lycopene is fat soluble meaning it is an especially effective antioxidant and helps to protect skin cells from damaging UV rays and free radical damage.  Vitamin C from watermelon and oranges is water soluble meaning  it helps combat wrinkles and sagging from the inside of your cells by strengthening collagen and elastin which works to keep your skin firm and tight.  Vitamin A and limonoids in limes provide  lasting antioxidant protection whilst mint provides a refreshing taste whilst reducing inflammation, helping to sooth the body and reduce redness within your complexion.


Takes 10 minutes. Serves 4


1/4 watermelon, (seedless or seeds removed)

2 oranges

1 lime

1/4 cup strawberries

2 1/2 cups ice

1/4 cup mint

  1. Juice oranges and lime, add to blender with chopped watermelon.
  2. Add strawberries and 2 cups of ice to the blender and blend for 1 minute or until smooth.
  3. Pour into glasses (or a large jug), stir in remaining ice cubes and mint into your healthy mocktail and enjoy!
  • Add vodka!!
skin loving watermelon mocktails recipe clean food luk beautifood

Enjoy your healthy mocktail on a warm summers day for some skin loving nutrients and cool, refreshing vibes!

Strawberry Smoothie (love shake) recipe

Love shake | strawberry smoothie for Valentine’s Day

A little inspiration for Valentine Day

Why not make this dairy free strawberry smoothie with almond milk and chia seeds for breakfast in bed! Not only are strawberries luscious to eat they are packed full of skin loving ingredients to help you glow even more!  Made the night before and pop into a jar, tie with red ribbon and you’ll be set to surprise your loved one…..even on a work day!


DIY facial in a jar – will he discover the true reason why he is being spoilt!

Vitamin C, E and ellagic acid found in strawberries work to ward off wrinkles by protecting your skin from free radical damage.  These antioxidants promote a soft and illuminating complexion by keeping the skin soft, smooth and nurtured. Chia seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids which help the body to reduce inflammation. Inflammation can cause red puffy skin, making it especially important to preserve a bright, youthful appearance, helping you to look and feel restored.  Using almond milk means an extra dose of antioxidants (Vitamin E this time – seriously your skin can’t get enough!) as well as a moisturising effect from essential fatty acids to help you feel refreshed and glowing.


1 punnet of Strawberries

2 cups (500ml) Almond milk

2 tspns Chia seeds

2-3 tspns Honey (or sweetener of your desire – eg rice malt syrup, stevia, agave nectar)

  • Hull the strawberries and pop into blender along with remaining ingredients.
  • Blend on high for a couple minutes til silky smooth. Pour into jars.

The chia seeds take 10-15 minutes to thicken up so if you are going to drink it immediately let it sit then stir before pouring into serving glasses over ice. Otherwise refrigerate to chill and give your jars a good shake before serving.

  1. Ideal for gluten or lactose intolerant, vegan or vegetarian.
  2. Use 1/2 cup ice in the blender if you are going to drink immediately, or
  3. Make the night before and pop into glass jars.
  4. Decorate with red ribbon and heart card – don’t forget the straws to sip together!
  5. Make with fresh almond milk – far more taste and ‘clean’ ingredients* see recipe card below

Toss washed and hulled strawberries into the blender

Add fresh almond milk, chia seeds and sweetener of your desire

Add fresh almond milk, chia seeds and sweetener of your desire

Blend the 4 ingredients for a couple of minutes

Blend the 4 ingredients for a couple of minutes


It turns a pretty pink colour with our the addition of other ingredients

It turns a pretty pink colour naturally  – without the addition of nasty food colouring!

Pour into jars ready to share.

Pour into jars ready to share.

Decorate with a ribbon, write on a card and serve with another punnet of strawbs....even chocolate dipped ones! (organic of course)

Decorate with a ribbon, write on a card and serve with another punnet of strawbs….even chocolate dipped ones! (organic of course)

Making fresh almond milk is really simple with a cold pressed juicer - no straining involved.

Making fresh almond milk is really simple with a cold pressed juicer – no straining involved.




DIY Strawberry Face Scrub

For bright, glowing skin, it’s just as important to exfoliate as it is to moisturise. Without exfoliating, dead skin cells start to pile up on the skin’s surface leaving it looking dull, dry and ‘rough’. Try our super easy strawberry face scrub and let your skin shine!

Strawberries are a proven beauty enhancers, containing vitamin C, salicylic acid, antioxidants and natural exfoliating properties to brighten skin and clear complexion. Salicylic acid removes dead cells from the face whilst vitamin C works to improve collagen production.

Strawberries also contain alpha-hydroxy acids, which, when applied to the skin, help to break up the outer layer of dead skin.

By adding a small squeeze of lemon to the mix you’ll get an extra kick of vitamin C and antioxidants. Lemon also contains a natural acid which helps remove the dead layer of skin from the face while the sweet almond oil in this recipe will moisturise, nourish the ‘new’ skin cells.

This recipe is safe for those who suffer from acne as both lemon and strawberries are both great natural disinfectants and help to heal up blemishes, sores, acne scars, and skin rashes.


1. Finely mash with a fork or puree three to four fresh, preferably organic, strawberries [with the tops cut off]

2. Add in a small squeeze of fresh lemon

3. Add a tablespoon of brown sugar and about two teaspoons of sweet almond oil

4. Stir well.

5.  Gently massage into clean skin [I cleansed my skin and removed all make up first] and wash off with warm water. Follow with your preferred moisturiser or try one of our DIY face masks if your skin is particularly dry.

Relax and Enjoy


  • Store in an air tight container in the fridge but do not keep for longer than a day or two.
  • You can grate some fresh lemon into to the mix

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be delicious.... inside and out

Silica for love of skin, nails and hair

Silica | for love of skin, nails & hair

Why we Love the Food Active Mineral Silica…

Source: Found in the greens, asparagus, leeks, celery, beans, cucumber, strawberries and oats.

Beauty and Benefits: Silica promotes tissue firmness & healthy skin. It is essential for maintaining skin’s elasticity and makes your skin resilient and radiate. Silica deficiency can hamper the body’s ability to heal wounds. 

Morsel to Motivate: In maintaining connective tissue, silica aids not only the skin, but muscles, tendons, joints, hair, nails, cartilage and bone – it is one of the key ingredients in supplements for poor joints and cartilage.