Organically Wealthy

Top tips for beautiful ethical eating and living

Synthetic chemicals, pollution, animal welfare worries… how can we enjoy healthy living with so much guilt and angst under the surface? There are many of us who want to live more ethical lives, but it’s difficult to know where to start.

That’s why I’ve rounded up a few key suggestions on ethical eating and living to help you get a foot in the door:

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My little Ciara in our kitchen garden

Kitchen Garden – Plant green to keep your beauty routine clean


You don’t have to be a gardener to provide your cooking with home grown produce. And you don’t have to spend a lot of time tending your plot to harvest the produce. For busy people a kitchen garden is a great and cost effective idea to provide you with a variety of herbs to elevate your food from boring to super and it provides a safety net [...]

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Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Do you ever get a sinking feeling thinking about the cooler months, knowing they are bound to bring some sort of cold or flu?  The immune system is your body’s natural way to defend itself against bugs and prevent illness so by keeping it in top shape you better your chances of remaining flu-free, energised and feeling your best.

Here are our top 10 ways to naturally boost your immune [...]

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5 Ways To Cleanse and Re-energise Your Body

As we’re coming up to the mid year mark, this is the perfect time to check in with your body physically and emotionally. If you find yourself falling off the bandwagon in any aspect of life, this is as good a time as any to cleanse yourself of what is no longer serving you and to get back to looking after and nourishing yourself to look and feel you best.

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10 Tope Energy Boosts

10 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

Are you lacking in energy more than usual lately? You’re not alone. With the darker mornings and shorter days,  it’s common to feel like you’ve hit an energy wall, especially after a long and social Summer and Autumn. If your usual 3pm slump is starting in the morning and ending later, then these 10 natural energy boosters should help you kick fatigue to the curb so you won’t need to [...]

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A message from Cindy on International Women’s Day

Hi natural beauties,

Happy International Women’s Day! This day of recognition gives us an opportunity to look at just how far we’ve come. Although we believe women should be recognised and celebrated every single day and share their journey.

As we come into this new decade, there are a number of challenges that I am facing in both my professional and personal life. I recently opened up about it and I [...]

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Prevent Dry Lips

Suffer from really dry lips? What you need to know

With the summer months only just behind us, our lips are more than likely feeling dry, flaky or they could even be sore, making  lipstick looks dull and patchy.

Many of us liberally apply balms to heal really dry lips but they only get worse – why?

Warmer weather means we spend more hours outside, attend more parties and crank up the air-conditioning, causing our lips to become intensely dehydrated. [...]

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3 simple ways to detox your mind, body and soul

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed with the kids/work/family these holidays, and need to have just a little †˜me’ break? We know you have the best intentions, but sometimes it seems that between being a mother, social and work commitments and the stresses of everyday, life can get in the way of maintain free time for ourselves. To a lot of us, the idea of living well and making time for [...]

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3 Simple Ways to Cleanse your Mind, Body & Soul

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed with the kids/work/family, and need to have just a little †˜me’ break? We know you have the best intentions, but sometimes it seems that between being a mother, adhering to social and work commitments and with the stresses of everyday life, it can be tricky to maintain free time for ourselves.

To a lot of us, the idea of living [...]

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Your Natural Beauty Recipe

This post was written a while ago but as the awareness of natural beauty grows I thought it was time to uncover it again and pop it on the front page! I do hope you enjoy reading what I believe is the essence of  ‘a natural beauty’.

I believe in true beauty, real beauty, natural beauty – call it what you will but there isn’t anything more beautiful than a woman [...]

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