Zinc | healthy skin + acne miracle mineral

Source: Found to be richest in animal produce, key sources are poultry, lean meats and oysters. Also found in pumpkin seeds and whole grains like quinoa or just the germ of wheat. Beauty and Benefits: Important antioxidant & anti-inflammatory agent. Maintains healthy skin, promotes cell repair and is involved in the metabolism of omega-3 fatty acids making it a helpful agent against dry skin. Essential for enzyme production, plays a role in strengthening the immune system + helps heals wounds. Known as a miracle mineral for acne! Experts have even suggested acne to be a side-effect of zinc deficiency. Zinc controls oil production in the skin and has been shown to be effective both at reducing and preventing lesion formation, and also ensuring those already on the skin to clear sooner. It is also an aid to those annoying singular pimples! Morsel to Motivate: Great for high energy and low stress levels!
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