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Work Life Balance

Creating Work Life Balance
Us women are extremely skilled in the art of putting work, family, friends and †˜to do lists’ before ourselves. The daily temptation of just making that one last call or responding to that email is something we all struggle with as guilt and obligation often come into play, making it almost impossible to ever really †˜switch off’. But part of creating a work/life balance is accepting that self-care is not selfish – in fact it’s the opposite. By creating a balance, you’re allowing yourself to be your best for everyone around you. Balance, not to be confused with perfection, is more of a mindset than anything else. Yes it’s important to design and practise your own physical self-care rituals like meditation or doing a DIY facial, but it’s more about being self-aware. Check in with yourself; take note of how you’re feeling and how you’re doing in all facets of your life. Does your mind need rest? Does your body need movement? What feels off this week? Once you have gaged what you need, it’s time to prioritise and set intentions. Decide what will refuel your mind and body and how you want to spend your time doing that. Relax, indulge, enjoy the company of your loved ones (not your iphone) and cultivate your interests – feeling fulfilled is just as essential maintaining balance and happiness as resting. When you’re spiritually, emotionally and physically thriving, you become more energised in all other areas of life, including work.
Maintaining the Balance
1. Get organised and build downtime into your schedule When you plan your week, whether it’s in your diary, online calendar or just in your head, intentionally make a point to schedule time in for yourself, just as you plan to catch up with friends and family. 2. Wake up earlier and nourish yourself Early morning is an incredibly peaceful and beautiful time of the day. It may be tough at first but waking up just 30 minutes earlier will give you time to set yourself up for the rest of the day whether that means exercising, meditating or even using that time to catch up on work . Also use this time to nourish yourself with a glow + go green smoothie to give you all the energy you need for the day ahead. 3. Stop doing activities that drain your time or energy. Think about the activities or people you are spending time on that don’t serve you and do not enhance your career or personal life, and minimise the time you spend on them. This will not only free up some hours, but also reduce stress and create a sense of freedom. 4. A little downtime goes a long way Don’t think that you need to make huge changes to your life to create or maintain balance. Setting small goals like making sure you’re off the computer by 8pm or scheduling in one yoga class a week can make a big difference. 5. Be productive Being busy and being productive are two totally different things – at Luk we’re about working smarter, not harder. Take an hour now to think about how you can be more efficient and innovative with your work and implement it.
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