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Lips 101 | Why do lips dry out in winter?

Ever wondered why your lips dry out sometimes?
  • Unlike your body’s skin, lip tissue is extremely thin and does not have any secretion glands to 'oil' them.
  • We subconciously lick our lips to moisturise them because moisture evaporates from the lips much faster than from our skin.
  • This subtle balance is often upset during winter when the air is dryer, the winds blowing, temperatures are colder and you breathe thru your mouth more (especially with a cold)
  • All these factors have a drying effect on your lips by drawing moisture away.
  • This dryness frequently results in chapping and cracking, and increases the risk of inflammation, soreness and infection.
  • Stress is also a major culprit of dry lips. During the fight or flight response our body shallow breathes - blowing air more freqenstly across our lips causing them to dry out.
  • Because lips are so thin, they often are the first to present signs of dryness in your body.
  • People who suffer from dry lips and skin are often deficient in essential fatty acids.
  • Avocado, flax seed and walnut oil, with their naturally high essential fatty acid content are excellent moisturisers.
  • Lip Nourish with avocado & citrus oils and natural emollients is fabulous for keeping your lips soft, smooth, hydrated & protected. Wear a Vanilla & Cinnamon nude lipstick or try a sheer colour.
I know this sounds like a super plug for my product, but I just wanted to share that I have not had dry lips in 5 years....from when I first started to develop Lip Nourish. My kids have not either - they both have a Vanilla & Cinnamon nude balm and if they have the sniffles (i.e. sleep with mouth open) they use it and never get dry or cracked lips. Got dry lips this winter? Try Lip Nourish natural lipstick and if it does not keep your lips moist and soft I will refund your full purchase price.
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