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The following is a wrap up of how I shop, cook and eat on a daily basis. Saying that it does not mean that I miss out if I go out or if it's a special time. Everything in moderation including moderation! However, for February I am going to do a FAST FEB to Get Focused and Feel Fabulous which means I follow my points EXCEPT: NO alcohol, NO wheat, only one coffee per day and NO added sugar foods WHAT-SO-EVER + exercise 4 times a week for 30 mins minimum. Not only will I physically feel the difference, mentally I will feel super for being able to stick to my goal! Good Luck! :)
    1. Eat lots of fresh, unprocessed foods, every day.
    2. Eat lots of colourful foods all the time - I'm talking F&V here not lollies.
    3. Try to use healthy fats and oils (eg olive, walnut), but don't be silly and give up butter on your wholegrain toast.
    4. Drink lots of water, all day, everyday - add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice when you can.
    5. 1-2 coffees a day, no more. Enjoy a few teas too. Green is good as are 'herbal'.
    6. Start the day with a minium of ... natural yoghurt, fresh fruit (inc frozen berries) muesli + full cream milk is fine (it's only 4% fat).
    7. Make easy peasy muesli and load it with nuts (eg walnuts & almonds), seeds (sun, flax, sesame) and those hard to get enough of goodies.
    8. If you have cereal with your muesli make sure it is a low|er sugar variety eg weetbix and cornflakes.
    9. Seriously limit foods with added sugar - but don't go without.
    10. Have smaller portions, think french! this especially applies if and when you eat dessert - ideally no more than once a week.
    11. During the week, just have 1 small glass of wine and not every night.
    12. Half you main meal plate should be vegetables or salad.
    13. Try really hard not to snack, or eat on the run or graze.
    14. When baking or making pancakes, always substitute some of the flour with bran or germ flakes - oats or wheat or other grains and where sugar is added, reduce by at least a quarter or use stevia.
    15. Cook meat with the fat on for taste but trim before eating. (choose grass fed if you can - eat red meat max 3 times pw)
    16. Have heaps of variety every day, at least 40 different ingredients.
    17. Shop weekly, at the beginning so you have plenty of choice for the week and don't cut corners!
    18. If you eat crackers - look for wholemeal, 'clean' versions which by style are low fat. eg Vitaweet, Ryvita seedy rice crackers.
    19. Ensure every week you eat fish at least once, preferably twice..
    20. Only eat organic chicken and eggs - once or twice per week.
    21. Skip margarine, sweet muesli bars, thick sliced breads, white bread, bought cakes, biscuits, lollies, cordials, soft drinks etc.
    22. Limit bacon, salami etc as it contains nitrates.
    23. Go easy on sour cream, cheese, cream as the fat levels are 20-80% and are saturated fats.
    24. Try hard not eat anything with artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
    25. Keep kids food simple but fresh and wholesome. If they don't eat it, don't substitute because they must not be hungry.
    26. Limit shop juice to a small glass a day - make sure no added sugar, with pulp where possible , no preservatives.
    27. Eat pasta, white rice, etc but no more than once a week for each type and not whopping big serves.
    28. Try to incorporate pulses, quinoa, different 'fillers' into several meals a week.
    29. If you want to eat chips (& don't have a weight problem) cook them yourself - use a frozen variety that has been pre-fried in healthy fats and then use a clean oil (high smoke) such as coconut or sunflower, and make the portion size small ie 10 chips! Perfect.
    30. Try to eat dinner early (or not just before bed) and as a family - even if it is only a few nights a week.
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