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What's in your beauty bag - Rebecca Wilkinson, Bondi Beauty

Rebecca is a writer for Bondi Beauty, who loves all things beauty, health, travel and wellness with a weakness for great coffee. With a particular passion for organic skincare and beauty products, she is a pescatarian, who may yet one day become a vegan and is often found scouring the city for the latest tastes in breakfast smoothie bowls and creative coffee inspirations when she isn’t busy attending her favourite yoga studios.

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  • Nude by Nature: Natural Illusion Eyeshadow Trio in Rose - This eyeshadow is my new obsession, and not just because of the rose gold packaging The colour palette is perfect for wearing in the day and night, as the tones can be used to create a soft feminine light touch for the day, or deepen for a rich smoky rose colour eye for the night.
  • Revlon: Youth FX Fill + Blur Foundation in Neutral Beige - This foundation will be available to the public very soon and I must say they won’t be disappointed. It’s very lightweight on the skin and super hydrating. I love it, as it fills in any fine lines and wrinkles I have, but also provides a colour correcting pigment which helps cover any red or dark spots and looks great in selfies.
  • Australis: Black Eyeliner Pencil - I really hope Australis never stop creating this magic eyeliner, as I have been using it now for at least 10 years. The formula has never changed (as far as I know)n and has been a favourite for makeup artists for many years also. So obsessed with this eyeliner, I have actually never ever tried any other product. Why would you, when you already have the perfect one – right? It glides on, stays on and is easy to blend depending on your look.
  • Laura Geller: DramaLash Maximum Volumizing Mascara - I don’t wear Mascara that often, mostly due to me having long thick black lashes (sorry to gloat). But when I do, I love the dramatic volumizing mascara by Laura Geller. This product is fairly new to the Geller collection, and I started using it last year when it became available. I do have a few mixed brands of mascara, however, I always tend to grab this one more than any other of my mascaras. It’s full of vitamin B% too, so doesn’t try your lashes.
  • Endota Spa: Complete Coverage Concealer - Like my mascara, I have 3 favourite concealers and again I always seem to grab this one more regularly than the others. Unlike other concealers, which I feel can either be too oily on your skin, or too cakey – this concealer has the texture of a powder foundation, except with optimal coverage – which is great for those days when I feel like my skin is my worst enemy.

  • Lük Beautifood: Cranberry Citrus Lip Nourish Lipstick - WOW! Just WOW. This is my newest obsession when it comes to lipstick. With an ingredient base which can be pretty much eaten, this lipstick didn’t last very long on my lips. And not because it doesn’t have staying power, it does. It tasted so good, I keep licking my lips Good thing the ingredients are safe for me to eat. This shade is a rusty red, which is my favourite type of red lipstick. As it’s also filled with delicious nourishing ingredients like avocado oil and cocoa butter it also works a hydrating lip balm. So no caking lips whatsoever.

LIP NOURISH™ Cranberry Citrus

  • L’Occitane: Almond Delicious Hand Cream - Who doesn’t love L’Occitane, especially when it comes to their travel sized products which you can take anywhere. In general, I always have very dry skin; particularly my hands. So, I am very fussy when it comes to hand products, as they don’t always work (or last that long). This hand cream fits into my beauty bag easily and thanks to the nourishing almond milk ingredient, keeps my hands super soft until I next wash them.
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