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Hi, my name is Renata Vosyliene, and I am the person behind Green Life In Dublin blog. I am the only blogger in Ireland who pays attention to the product's ingredients and what they are doing to you! I am doing my best to source, test and review green beauty products, despite having no brick and mortar shops like Detox Market, Credo or even Wholefoods here, where I could go in and browse goodies to my heart content. Take my hand and we will navigate green beauty world together, take a look at my blog (links below) to find lots of reviews, I will tell you what works, what's not and where to get it. So let's take a look at my make up bag, shall we? Hynt Concealer In Light My holy grail concealer, green beauty or no green beauty! The pigmentation is out of this world, and if you haven't tried it, I highly suggest you do. You can thank me later :)

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  • Inika Peachy Keen Blush - Gorgeous peachy blush with golden shimmer, one of my fave products, I just adore it. It is one of the Nars Orgasm dupes, and I have dedicated the whole blog post listing not one or two, but nearly TWENTY green dupes for it! I am really pleased natural beauty world is exploading and there are lots of brands and products for us to choose from. It was a whole different story when I was switching about eight or so years ago.
  • Inika Highlighter - Great highlighter that will stay on all day, I just love it.
  • Zuii Organic Melon blush - My first purchase from Zuii Organic, and I really love it. it is also included in Nars Orgasm Dupes post, this is also beautiful, but a bit muted version of Inika's Peachy Keen. If you find Peachy Keen glow a bit too much, you would love this.
  • Nude By Nature Rose Natural Illusion Trio - I also have Coral, but I tend to carry this trio as it gives you more options. I have a review post on this brand too, so if you want to see swatches or read my two cents on the products, please check out my blog.
  • Pure Anada Mineral Foundation In Atlantic Bisque - This is my Holy Grail mineral powder, and I think my quest to find the best foundation is over (when it comes to powder products). I love this brand in general. The pigmentation is great, all I need is one layer to get the desired full coverage, no need to buff seven layers of minerals like I used to do with other brands- I need to hide dermatitis scars, hence the need for full coverage.
  • Pure Anada Brow Powder In Cinder - Again, lovely product from this Canadian company. I find all products from them really pigmented, and I really love the ashy tone of this brow powder, which is surprisingly hard to find in a natural beauty world. All the companies seem to think women need warm toned products when it comes to brows. No, I need ashy one, almost grey! There, I said it :)
  • Jo Browne Stick Perfume - Really lovely stick perfume from an Irish company - I have and really enjoy several of them. Longevity is great, and I also really love that they don't lose their scent after a month or two - that happens a lot with other natural perfumes I've tried to date. I have a review on them too, please go to my blog and search "Jo Browne". I'll skip the link before it becomes a shameless self promotion :)
  • AnnMarie Gianni Neroli Mist - I always have some mist or the other on me, and I am testing this one from a really natural brand I've been wanting to try for ages.
  • Nude by Nature Touch of Glow Highlight Stick in Bronze - At first I was really scared of it, as I got it when I was at my winter palest (we are now coming into summer here in Ireland) but I find myself using more and more of it, I use it as multi stick, as the shimmery bronzer, as a cream eye shadow, and on my lips as a lipstick topper too. Love it.
  • Nude By Nature Mascara - Can you tell I love this brand, lol? This mascara will forever be a repurchase for me, and for one simple reason - it does not flake! It won't give you dramatic false lash effect lashes, more like a natural look lashes, but as it is the only natural mascara I found not to flake - flaking is a pet peeve of mine.
  • 100% Maracuja Oil Mascara - Another love of mine, this has really great clean ingredients, and it smells like blueberries or chocolate, depending if you will get black or brown one. Lasts for ages, gives you length and volume, and it is also gluten free. I don't know why I carry two mascaras or two almost identical blushes, it is just a way I am. Insert blushing emoji here! I am the same way with clothes for example, if I really like something, I get a back up.

If you want to know where I got everything you see here, please visit my blog, I always state it. Oh, and I always carry a lip balm and some gloss with me too.

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