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What's in your beauty bag - Alison Morgan, founder of Relauncher

Bio: Alison Morgan, founder of Relauncher, is a specialist Private Business Coach. Alison works closely with clients to grow and market their businesses to become thriving entities within their Industry. Alison is also the creator of the Australian Business Coaching & Networking Events, the Mindfulbiz Podcast and a respected Blogger.

Product List:

  • Synergy Skin Vitamin B Serum - This is a fabulous serum suited to all skin types. It has high levels of Vitamin B3 and rejuvenates the skin, enhancing skin clarity and luminosity.
  • Dr Bronners Hamd Sanitiser - This is a versatile product which I use as a room spray, hand sanitiser and can also be applied to the face. It’s natural and certified fair trade. The beautiful lavender scent is also stunning. I use this daily and always have one at home and one in my handbag.
  • Lük Beautifood - A stunning lipstick which is 100% natural. I have a few of these lipsticks in a variety of shades - all of which stay on all day and are extremely moisturising to the lips.

Lip Nourish

  • World Organics Creme Blush - This is one of my favourite products. This creme blush is ultra-smooth and has peachy-pink undertones. It’s natural and is easily applied to the cheeks. It’s made with pressed oils and nourishing extracts. It’s almost 100% organic (although not quite). LOVE this product!
  • World Organics Eyeshadow - This is a natural eyeshadow which comes in a variety of palette colours. I have quite a few palette options in this brand and love them all. They are easy to apply, lasts all day (or night) and is made with pure minerals & extracts.
  • Ere Perez Mascara - Natural Mascara which is smudge-proof, water resistant and made with organic almond oil. The almond oil strengthens and lengthens the lashes - such a great product to use on a daily basis.
 *NB: lük beautifood supports our natural beauty community to genuinely share 'what's in their beauty bag' - we don't endorse products or contents or gain financially or otherwise from this series.
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