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I know, there has not been much 'me time', your feeling guilty about what you are eating and the lack of exercise is not only affecting your body, it's playing on your mind. AND that is before we mention beauty products! We are all in the same boat and that’s going to CHANGE. This February, we’re looking at YOU. February 2013 is all about getting healthy, and looking and feeling good about yourself in 28 days through our cleanse.nourish.flourish – You’ll be eating fresh, wholesome, BEAUTIFUL FOOD and cutting out alcohol, added sugar & removing all processed foods (bread, biscuits, bottle juices, crackers, etc included) to rejuvenate your body! If you feel a bit wary about 'cleansing, consider these points: Simply put, what I call a 'cleanse' is simply a process where you remove 'toxins' that have built up in your body, get your healthy eating back on track (or start) and feel good about yourself because you have been able to control your will power and create new habits. As part of this transformation, you also get to look at where you are today and create some goals that get you really excited. If you’re feeling sluggish, tired, getting sick quite frequently, anxiety, irritability, joint pain, having trouble sleeping – pretty much, if you’re feeling 'low', you should 'cleanse' not only your body but your soul too. I'm going to give you 28 days’ worth of personal & informal inspiration & motivation. My thoughts, advice, web finds and tips and tricks, all to help you, become a healthier and more confident version of you.

Let’s cleanse & nourish together & flourish!

Cindy x Life
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