Vitamin C | powerful antioxidant + collagen's bed mate!

Source: Lucky for you, it is present in almost every delicious fruit in sufficient dosage for your requirements so supplements are not necessary! Vitamin C can also be found in various veggies, predominantly most of the greens. Beauty and Benefits: A hero for fighting off the common cold, vitamin C is necessary for your outer glow as well as inner wellbeing. Though frequently heard but less-frequently understood, vitamin C (C for collagen!) is a powerful antioxidant, a defender of the damaging effects of the oxidation which produces free radicals that damage our cells, however, increased vitamin C intake can lesson this damage, which contributes to aging and diseases. A key element in the production of collagen, for youthful, firm skin and the ligaments associated with skin repair. So not only are you helping to preserve your health, both in the long and short term; you are also creating beautiful cells for gorgeous skin. Morsel to Motivate: Being water-soluble it is not stored in the body so must be eaten daily to prevent skin damage and reduce the aging effects of smoking, sun, environmental stresses and poor diet. Required for collagen formation (skins internal scaffolding).
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