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My vision board for 2014 | New Year Inspiration

Have you created a vision board before, I have always wanted to but could never find the right images, besides my hand writing is lousy. It only occurred to me the other day that I could simply create one in a powerpoint with images from Pinterest and using all the fonts I love. Then I can share it, make it public and make myself accountable!! When it is printed out on a big sheet I will stick it on my pin board ...the one I am going to make over to luk sunshine yellow instead of the red I have had for 10 years so my work space is more inspiring and organised. That way the minute I sit down I know what I am suppose to be doing! No online rabbit holes for me, there is money to be made! So what's important next year? 1. Get Active. To feel good about my body. I had that horrid experience a few days ago of buying a new bikini. It was not a pretty sight yet I am a size 12, 67kg and 178cm. It only makes me fully aware of why so many women don't feel great about how they look. After 3 trips to the change room to try and find something that fitted - the manager of the surf shop rescued me with styles that did. Still, after a few days on the beach, I have come to the sad realisation that I need to put in more effort than running after kids. My morning 'weights' walk, weekly long bike ride and once a week yoga MUST return to my schedule. Trim and Toned is what I am looking for. 2. Create an outdoor Oasis. Somewhere to relax outside whether it is reading, stretching or thinking. A place to light a candle and nurture me. To turn that outdoor kindy gym type space on the verandah into a grown up space. No more padded colourful squares or plastic toys. I am done! Move on. 3. Nourish my family. I do that now but I want to get a better routine going. To make shopping easier - I can't believe how much time I spend keeping our pantry and fridge stocked. I also want to change my mindset on preparing our evening meal - to treat it as chill out time for me by giving myself enough time and thought to create new dishes...and enjoy the process. Most mornings I juice or make smoothies (the luk glow+ go green or berry red antioxidant) but again it's a massive effort to keep up the produce supply. I bake for the lunch boxes and healthy snacks, but not regularly - that I want - so I have to lock in when I do it....that's half the battle. 4. Make my Money. You'll understand what this means if you are on a single family income and use to earn and pay your way before kids (or selling your first biz). I miss my independence and ability to squander ! But even more important is that I have 3 years to kick butt. We have planned to take the kids out of school for a year and travel Australia so that means this is the BHAG. The Big Hairy Audacious Goal. The one that makes your tummy churn. And we need to jiggle and juggle how hubby can work less. He is over it and I am revved to go but he is bringing in the bucks and um well I am micro cash-flowing stock. 5. Grow my Kitchen Garden. I have a fabulous garden that hubby built us a few years ago, it is filled with herbs, kale spinach and um, weeds. For a few months of each year it looks fabulous and full fills all my urban sustainability dreams but then the wheel fall off, the weeds take over, everything goes to seed and chickens are allowed to peck it to bits. I love a kitchen garden because you can shoozzy up anything in seconds with fresh herbs and if your cupboard is bare there are always greens to toss together for a salad or to fill a kids sandwich if the pickings are thin. 6. Travel for Work. I am desperate to travel for work and what I mean by that is nothing, quote nothing, charges your 'can do' batteries more than exporting your own brand. The satisfaction of selling products to major retailers or businesses overseas is second to none. And the people you meet, the places you visit via trade shows opens up another world. To be successful at export you must be ready. Many majors love to get involved at a product development level so it make sense to dip your big toe in the water if you have an innovative and unique brand offer. Can I have my Qantas Club membership back ....pretty please! 7. Work Life Balance. If you know me well, this is a huge mantra of mine. Until the middle of this year I was managing a 15 hr work week, with the launch of the new website that blew out the window. So now I am putting my neck out and saying that I'll work when both kids are at school and anything else at weeknights is a bonus. School holidays are light on as the kids need looking after. Plan is up at 5.30 (exercising, juicing and healthy lunch boxes!!) & bed by 10pm. (reading and beauty sleep!) By setting such a strict framework you have to make the business work - it needs a sexy business model, talented people and systems. I may just start the year looking for a talented advisory board and writing an investment plan. So, they are the big ones, there are more on the vision board. If you would like to create your own then use my ppt as a template by downloading it from Slideshare I also save you the trouble of finding all those tricky little fun bits like swing tags, pins, stick it notes and ripped paper - not to mention the cork board itself. Let me know how you go at creating your vision board. It's good to sit down and work out what is important for you, and make sure you involve your partner and family to prioritise things. Have a fabulous 2014. x cindy signatures RGB-06 PS - my friend Sara asked "what about friends and family?" Good question - it is a given. :) be delicious.... inside and out

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