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Organically Wealthy

Top tips for beautiful ethical eating and living

Synthetic chemicals, pollution, animal welfare worries… how can we enjoy healthy living with so much guilt and angst under the surface? There are many of us who want to live more ethical lives, but it’s difficult to know where to start.
That’s why I’ve rounded up a few key suggestions on ethical eating and living to help you get a foot in the door: ethicalfood

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ETHICAL FOOD - Buy seasonally fresh, local, organic produce or build your own garden. Studies show that the concentration of a range of antioxidants such as polyphenolics are found to be substantially higher in organic crops, whereas conventional crops contain significantly higher amounts of pesticides and toxic metal cadmium. Scary! Aside from plucking delicacies from my own kitchen garden, I like to shop at markets and farms on the weekend (tip: avoid organic produce that’s been grown near roads as pollution can be absorbed). Although it’s a bit pricier, this is usually made up in colour and flavour. If you're still not sold, here are six other reasons on why you should shop at a Farmer's Market. - When it comes to meat, try to only buy humanely treated, pasture-raised meat and eggs that aren’t brought up in unnatural and arguably cruel conditions nor pumped with antibiotics and hormones (as these nasties go straight into our bloodstream when we eat it). Same goes with other edibles – eat sustainable seafoof and look for Fairtrade chocolate and coffee. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, there are plenty of healthy, nourishing recipes online that you can source to create a balance, ethical diet for yourself. - You may not realise, but humans waste more food than is necessary. Many parts of the vegetable and fruitthat we often throw away can actually be consumed or thrown into a blender and made into a smoothie. Even carrots that have gone slightly brown are great to eat, just strip away the brown bits with a peeler and you’re good to go. ethicalenvironemnt

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ETHICAL ENVIRONMENT - Use less, recycle more! - Put on a jumper rather than cranking up the central heating. - Ground yourself with Mother Nature every now and then. Sit outside on the grass for 10 minutes to cultivate a stronger connection between yourself and the Earth. This will help you better understand how to care for and love the environment on a more conscious level. - Yes flowers are gorgeous, but house plants are even better! They last longer and help put oxygen back into your atmosphere so invest in a few pretty planters and put them around your house. - Having a shower typically uses about a third of the water you would have in a bath, but many modern power showers can use just as much water. Fitting a shower with a simple flow regulator can limit the amount used to just below nine litres per minute. Check your shower is suitable before getting one fitted though! - Ride to work! If it’s possible, invest in a bicycle, especially during warmer seasons to avoid guzzling through petrol. - Here are other tips on how you can reduce your carbon footprint. ethicalwellbeing

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ETHICAL WELLBEING - As a collective society, we seem to glorify being busy, not realising slow, mindful living can cultivate even better results for ourselves. I recommend closing the green gap. Get back in touch with nature and be inspired by its beauty and goodness. This is food for the soul! Escape, replenish and regenerate. Stay in balance. - Be kind. Never, ever underestimate the power of a kind word of compliment, or helping out someone else in need. - Make sure gut health is in order by eating good bacteria like sauerkraut and sipping on kombucha tea, and giving your body a good juice cleanse. Check out this article on 8 easy ways to detox your body. - Self care practices are important. That includes nutritional nourishment, movement and relaxation where possible (think: massages, spa retreats, engaging in hobbies, outdoor walks etc). I like to visit eco-friendly and organic day spas and nail salons whenever I’m in need of some TLC. Simply Google your local salon for a toxin-free pampering adventure! - Toxin-free is the way to go and I’ve said this right from the beginning. This is super easy to do once you understand the basics of it (which is why I have created these Clean Beauty Guides for you). It's always best for your health and conscience to invest in 100% natural and/or organic cosmetics that are sustainably and ethically produced, and contain no synthetic or potentially toxic ingredients - like our Lip Nourish Lipsticks or 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cosmetic range! You can start today by spring cleaning your makeup bag (right in time for Spring!) or reading up on what it means to use green, clean, all-natural products. May you live a life you love! Featured image courtesy of @organicallywealthy Cindy
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