Top 10 Superfoods for Beautiful Skin The secret to healthier hair and glowing skin? It's not in your makeup case. It's in your diet. Superfoods are are just that! And we don't limit our classification to those just found in exotic locations. We believe that most everyday whole foods provide super beautiful beauty and nutritional benefits for your whole body. Fruits, vegetables, meats, seeds, grains and nuts are packed with food active nutrients that can improve your healthy and beauty wellbeing. Our mantra will always be...
What you eat today walks and talks tomorrow
Not only do we help you easily understand what is in the superfood we tell you how these key nutrients feed your skin and how you can incorporate them into your every day clean eating diet and nourished life. From adding coconut oil to a green smoothie (YES!) and fresh turmeric to superskin moisturising milk you drink to chia seeds and quinoa, we have done the hard work for you. And you can print out the gorgeous cards with our DIY photo's and keep them on your fridge. Every Superfood has a different makeup and depending on its source and season, varying nutritional compositions. That's why it is so important to eat a variety of foods to receive a complete serve of essential amino acids, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants,and other goodies that feed, heal, replenish and revitalise your body inside and out by promoting optimum digestive health, efficient body operations and maintenance whilst reducing inflammation levels and providing energy and clarity to do the things you love.

Superfoods for beautiful skin

  1. Quinoa - Good source of zinc to fight acne & psoriasis + rich veggie source of protein ~16% making it ideal for vegetarians.
  2. Chia seeds - Contains Omega 3 to help your skin fight inflammatory damage that cause wrinkles.
  3. Beetroot - Liver Cleansing hero. Rich in iron, vitamins and minerals, it fights wrinkles and nourishes your hair and nails.
  4. Spinach - They are a rich source of dietary fibre to flush out toxins and create clearer skin.
  5. Walnuts - Rich in omega-3 fats and B vitamins that strengthen your skin cells to lock in moisture and nutrients, keeping your skin glowing and plump.
  6. Oats - †˜superfood that iron out wrinkles’.
  7. Flaxseed - High in Omega 3. Reduce skin damaging inflammation and keep hair and nails strong.
  8. Pumpkin seeds - High in essential fatty acids, necessary for skin to effectively retain good moisture levels to keep your skin plump and gorgeous!
  9. Yoghurt – Plays an important role in keeping the body’s good microbes in balance reducing blemishes and outbreaks.
  10. Papaya - Rich in antioxidants and contains papain which helps cure skin impurities via good digestion.
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