'The Grounds' urban oasis - food for body & soul

There was a time when it was difficult to 'eat out' healthy, when health meant mung beans and homous, now we can eat fabulous fresh and simple food & linger in a nourishing, natural and organic space. How lucky are we? With 2 little ones (& having our own chooks + kitchen garden) I am a bit behind the times in getting out to eat in Sydney but who cares, this morning I visited some of the newer food meccas in Alexandria. This was my first taste of eating out for 'body & soul'


This is my kind of place for coffee, to eat, to launch luk beautifood, to have a girls Table of Fabulousness lunch or Christmas get-together. So many choices because it is that kind of comfy and inspirational place. The 'grounds' refers not only to its 1800 square meters of rustic space with lush kitchen gardens, signposted paths, chick coop (with laying huts & lemon trees), large outdoor covered communal tables (there's a stuffed peacock hanging from the ceiling!), dedicated wood-fired oven in its own hutch and bar-in-a-barn space + kids raw play area ...but also to the coffee (grounds). And it's 10 minutes south of the city with easy parking (we were there mid morning on a Tuesday but I hear the weekends are one long queue!) Walking in you feel familiar but know there's lots to explore and discover and especially with my 4 year old. It a bit like a good museum or European park in summer where you are not quite sure what's round the corner. We checked out the chooks, picked strawberries (how could we not - sorry), rubbed herb leaves in our fingers and ooohed and arred. It was sunny and warm, people were relaxed and happy. Inside, the place was packed, the food is made in-house - huge portion sizes, rustic, wholesome and delicious. They obviously know how to make coffee - the roaster/s is huge and you can even book the table for 12 that seats you smack bang inside the roasting space. I shared a Breakfast Board ($18 - 1/2 an avaocado, ham, tomato salad, pesto, fetta, toasted sour dough) with my girlfriend Jo whilst little Ciara scoffed into a friand with a buttermilk icing, fresh berries and chard of dark was her morning tea time! They have plans for kids garden workshops, markets, BBQ's, festivals and lots of community activity. It's like bringing a bit of hinterland Byron to Sydney. The pics below tell a thousand words much better than I do. ENJOY. Cindy x For details - here's their website:
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