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Natural Beauty Interview with Teresa Cutter of www.thehealthychef.com

Meet the first woman in our 'She's Delicious' series! Teresa Cutter is one of Australia’s pioneers for simple and healthy eating. Her cooking skills and nutrition knowledge is unmatched. Her food philosophy and recipes are truly beautiful & her results attainable.

As qualified chef, nutritionist and internationally accredited fitness trainer, she makes the science of healthy eating accessible to you. As the CEO of her brand †œThe Healthy Chef† Teresa’s dishes are for people †˜who love food, who love to eat and who have made a conscious decision to maximize their health and wellbeing’.
For those who want to start creating delicious, quick, healthy meals, what steps or plan should they put in place?
Do your own kitchen audit. Throw out all the junk and cereal boxes filled with air and sugar. If you keep your kitchen free of junk you’ll be less likely to eat junk. Fill your fridge and pantry with good, healthy food: fruits and vegetables, lean protein, anti-inflammatory oils, raw nuts and seeds. When health is your focus, you need to accept a little responsibility and take control of your wellbeing and what you’re putting into your body. Keep it real †” keep it simple
How do you take control of your kitchen? How do you set up a healthy kitchen?
Any tradesman will tell you that in order to produce a good result you need the right tools for the job. With some quality knives and good equipment you’ll be able to whip, chop, blend, mix, grind, juice and store delicious healthy meals every day! Your top kitchen essentials are… Blender: A quality high-performance blender is essential in any kitchen. For me it’s a Vitamix to make power smoothies, nut milks, soups, dressings, sauces, dips and spreads, nut pastes, and healthy fruit-based ice cream and sorbets. Juicer: For making the most delicious and healthy alkaline-based juices that instantly infuse nutrients straight into your cells, everyone should have a juice extractor machine in their kitchen. It’s one of the best investments you can make for your health. Knives: A great set of quality steel knives is essential. Cookware: Avoid using Teflon, which is carcinogenic and can come off into your food if heated to high temperatures. Use quality, heavy-based cast-iron, ceramic, stainless-steel or clay cookware. Glass storage jars: Mason jars or any glass jars with lids are great for keeping dressings, nut milks and pastes, trail mix, dips and seeds in the fridge.
What are your 5 †˜must-haves’ for your kitchen?
1.Green vegetables 2. Organic eggs 3. Walnuts 4. Cold pressed olive oil 5. Aged balsamic.
We know how much you like to keep active - what are your favourite ways to get the body moving outdoors?
I love to vary the activity I do and love cycling and walking. I’m a little kinder to myself these days and listen to my body and how it feels which determines the activity I do. Walking supports health in every sense physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and it just makes you feel good. I use it to meditate, de-stress and set myself up for the day ahead.
Being active, how do you nourish your body throughout the day?
I plan all my meals for the day so I eat a plant based / anti-inflammatory diet. I love to focus on high fibre vegetables, leafy greens, fresh fruit, raw nuts and seeds. I love eating my blueberry pie smoothie after a workout for breakfast and my superfood tabouli for lunch. I eat when I’m hungry, listen to my body and I’m not ruled by times.
What are your favourite 3 †˜go to†˜ snacks on the run?
1. Healthy Chef Pure Protein mixed with my purely delicious organic superfood and water for a quick pick me up. 2. Raw nuts and goji berries 3 . Fuji apples
In terms of health and food, what’s the best advice you’ve been given and how has it influenced your own philosophy?
I have 3 mentors in my life. Two who are doctors and committed to prevention of disease and my Great Aunt who was an amazing chef. The main thing is to think about what you put into your mouth every time you eat and drink. Is what you’re consuming making a positive or negative difference to your body.
What's your daily mantra?
Keep it real - keep it simple - know what's in the food you eat.
Can you share with us your favourite autumn recipe (+pic)?

Palio Pumpkin Bread The Healthy Chef

Here is a gorgeous video of Teresa making this cake. Teresa is appearing/speaking at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo in Sydney (April 19-21 2013) – the largest health/fitness event of its kind in the southern hemisphere. The event features all of the latest products and fitness classes and there is also a dedicated Healthy Eating zone this year that will feature a healthy Living stage with talks from celeb healthy chefs and more. We have 3 double passes to give away that are valid for the Saturday or Sunday (valued at $59 each). To win, send in your favourite autumn recipe and we will see if it fits the Teresa’s healthy food eating philosophy. If she loves them we will publish some too! Hope you loved our first post in the 'She's Delicious' series. Cindy x
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