Strawberry Sensation Smoothie

Strawberry Sensation Smoothie recipe via Nina Loves Summer

This Strawberry Sensation Smoothie recipe from Nina Loves Summer is a great way to pack a powerful dose of healthy nutrition into your daily grind. Tucked beneath the mouthwatering ingredients, a wealth of health and beauty benefits awaits you! Consider it your early Summer escape. YOU'LL NEED 1 cup frozen mango 2 bananas 1 cups strawberries 1-2 cups vegan milk ¼ cup raw cashews 1 tbs coconut oil TOPPINGS Coconut yoghurt Fresh seasonal fruit DIRECTIONS 1. Add sliced mango, banana and strawberries to blender with vegan milk. 2. Add raw cashew nuts and coconut oil. 3. Blend until smooth and pour into glass. 4. Top with 2 tbs coconut yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruit. Enjoy! So now that the smoothie has been whipped up and chugged down, why not shop the Nude Cinammon Lip Nourish Lipstick pictured here next to Nina's legendary beverage? Your lips will thank you for it! Click here! This recipe is from Nina's Super Simple Smoothie eBook which will be released by the end of this month. Head to to find out more information. What is your favourite healthy smoothie recipe natural beauties? Share below!
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