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Skin Food

Food can do more for our natural beauty than any expensive serums or botox will ever do, when used in combination – eaten and applied you are giving your skin the best recipe to be its most beautiful.

The nutrients in foods, from Vitamin A, C and E to minerals such as iron and zinc are powerful anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals that form in your skin due to the stresses of poor diet, toxins, smoking and exposure to the sun. Your body needs these nutrients including enzymes, proteins, carbs, fats, and anti-inflammatories in order to work properly and give you the glowing healthy appearance, strong nails and lustrous hair you crave. super skin foods
Food in its purest whole form provides these super beauty and nutritional benefits. Fruits, vegetables, meats, seeds, grains and nuts are packed with food active nutrients that can improve your healthy and beauty wellbeing and give you the glowing skin you crave. This mantra means so much to me...
What you eat today walks and talks tomorrow
At lük we'd love to help you make that link between what is in food and how these key nutrients feed your skin and inspire you to incorporate them into your every day clean eating diet and nourished life. From adding coconut oil to a green smoothie (YES!) and fresh turmeric to superskin moisturising milk you drink to chia seeds and quinoa, we have done the hard work for you. And you can print out the gorgeous cards with our DIY photo's and keep them on your fridge. Every food has a different makeup and depending on its source and season, varying nutritional compositions. That's why it is so important to eat a variety of foods to receive a complete serve of essential amino acids, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants,and other goodies that feed, heal, replenish and revitalise your body inside and out by promoting optimum digestive health, efficient body operations and maintenance whilst reducing inflammation levels and providing energy and clarity to do the things you love.

Favourite skin foods for healthy, beautiful skin

  1. Quinoa - Good source of zinc to fight acne & psoriasis + rich veggie source of protein ~16% making it ideal for vegetarians.
  2. Chia seeds - Contains Omega 3 to help your skin fight inflammatory damage that cause wrinkles.
  3. Beetroot - Liver Cleansing hero. Rich in iron, vitamins and minerals, it fights wrinkles and nourishes your hair and nails.
  4. Spinach - They are a rich source of dietary fibre to flush out toxins and create clearer skin.
  5. Walnuts - Rich in omega-3 fats and B vitamins that strengthen your skin cells to lock in moisture and nutrients, keeping your skin glowing and plump.
  6. Oats - †˜superfood that iron out wrinkles’.
  7. Flaxseed - High in Omega 3. Reduce skin damaging inflammation and keep hair and nails strong.
  8. Pumpkin seeds - High in essential fatty acids, necessary for skin to effectively retain good moisture levels to keep your skin plump and gorgeous!
  9. Yoghurt – Plays an important role in keeping the body’s good microbes in balance reducing blemishes and outbreaks.
  10. Papaya - Rich in antioxidants and contains papain which helps cure skin impurities via good digestion.
  11. Raspberries - Contains red antioxidants to combat free radicals and slow signs of aging.
  12. Avocado - Luscious lipids replenish skins natural moisture barrier to keep soft and hydrated.
  13. Sprouts - Filled with vitamins C and K which protect the skin and maintain its moisture levels.
  14. Eggs - Essential amino acids help build and repair muscle and skin tissue keeping it firm and smooth.
  15. Lemon - The vitamin helps with collagen production to keep skin smooth & wrinkle free.
Why not pop over and look for a skin-delicious recipe?
Beauty Food Bites | skin foods with beauty benefits
We have created a series of quick reference cards with the information you need to know on what skin foods nourish your beauty inside and out. They simply tell you the best bits including what is in the food, how they feed your skin as well as cooking tips and ideas. Print them out and store in a handy spot in your kitchen....or create a beautifood inspiration board.










Animal Protein | Meat, Chicken, Fish & Eggs

At luk beautifood you’ll discover all about skin food:
  • What processes age you: inflammation, digestion, oxidation, acidification, hormonal imbalance.
  • How everyday foods can replace major ingredients in your skin care and cosmetic products (avocado oil for mineral oils)
  • What ingredients in your pantry and fridge can easily be made into beauty preparations.
  • Which everyday foods in your fruit bowl and fridge are best to fight lines, puffiness, acne and sagging skin. (think lemons, apples and carrots)
  • What new foods you can add to your shopping basket to get that fresh-faced – I want what she’s eating look. (kale, coconut, pumpkin seeds and beetroot)
  • How to make better choices by swapping refined sugars and flours for less processed organic equivalents or different types. (eg castor sugar for rapadura white wheat flour for a wholemeal spelt)
  • What foods deserve bad press and you should stay away from to avoid wrinkled, inflamed or spotty skin. (highly refined foods, †˜bad’ fats, too much sugar)
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