Shopping for your CLEANse | pantry & fridge list to help you.

luk CLEANse. shopping list (download + you can edit) I keep getting asked some really good questions about how to organise yourself for a cleanse.
  • What foods do I need to have in my kitchen?
  • How do I find time to create a variety of dishes?
  • How do I remove the effort of shopping for a recipe?
The art of nourishing yourself & family is having a couple of key areas covered, mostly important is having the ingredients on hand & the other is having a repertoire of dishes and recipes to call on with little effort. 1. INGREDIENTS 'IN STOCK' A well stocked and organised pantry & fridge is essential. You need a variety of whole grains, flours, seeds, condiments, oils, fruit, vegetable & proteins so when you are under pressure to produce something it is easy, effortless and enjoyable otherwise it will be a burden. Your ingredients need to be in a well label glass jars (for the pantry), grouped together so it is easy to find and to see if you need more. You don't want to have highly processed foods on hand or they will tempt you & your kids. More in this later as I will write a post on "Pantry Polish: how to set up your pantry for eating clean" 2. YOUR REPERTOIRE A little library of 'go-to' recipes is essential. This take the worry out of thinking "what's for dinner?", what can I do with mushrooms, how can I make a healthy lunch, what works in a smoothie to kickstart my day, what cleansing juice helps eliminate the bloat? There are a multitude of Apps that file your recipes with a 'tagging' index to make look ups easy. I love Evernote FOOD. It's essential to get confident with what you can make. There are online video's, and heaps of cooking classes available to fast track your skills & cooking ideas. Invest this time in yourself, it will be enjoyable to. Amongst the squillions of recipes available, you just have to gather some trusted sources and stick with those. In reality you keep coming back to the recipes you like and can easily do. The art is to toss in a new one every week or so. Experiment with new ingredients & if you get the thumbs up - add it your repertoire. I have so many recipes tested and photographed but just can't seem to get them online...part of my cleanse goal setting is to do this for you! x It's also important to start to understand the benefits of ingredients and what they do for your body. It can be overwhelming but it does not need to be...especially if you just get bits and bites at a time to store away in your memory. My beautifood bites can help you easily digest this info in relation to how you look & feel. Below (& at top of page to download) is a shopping list I have created for the CLEANse.Nourish. Flourish, I hope it helps you keep your pantry well stocked. I have *marked my mandatories. In the future I will pretty it up...we are working with the bare essentials! Cindy :)

luk CLEANse. shopping list copy pg 1

luk CLEANse. shopping list pg 2

Picture credits: photo by Girl with a Nikon taken in Rozelle About Life store Dec 2012

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