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I was searching for a business talk I gave over 10 years ago about being happy | successful and a myriad of really interesting things came up that I have been sifting through including these notes from when I was asked by Allen & Irwin in 2006 to write a book ...but never did! (oops...guess I was in baby land!) †œWhere does your zest for life come from? How do you know what to do?† People I didn't know would ask me this question time and time again when I was running Luken & May the biscuit company I founded in the nineties and sold. People were attracted to me, my team – in their eyes I was not just a biscuit maker but someone that had the right ingredients and could make it happen. My ’get-up-&-go’ & positive can-do attitude attracted customers, suppliers, media, general public and alike. It was not until I sold my business that I truly realised how strong my †˜belief-in-self’ was and that this was the key ingredient required to achieve goals. To me nourishing †˜belief’ is the gem of †˜beauty’ because it influences every thing you do. Not hot red lips beauty but a beauty that was far more real, down to earth and natural and built on instinct: an inner beauty that has the power to affect our outer beauty (and what seems to be the way we are measured by so many in today’s society) by improving the health of our skin, hair, nails & eyes, transforming the shape and movement of our bodies and radiating a sense of confidence whilst being contented. This following section must have been a sketch of the contents | Index of my unwritten book

Eat for life, love and happiness, and you will be Eating for Beauty!

Why do we want to be beautiful?

All of us want to be beautiful, whether we admit it or not. It's intricately related to being wanted / desirable.

It follows Maslow's hierarchy of needs safety, belonging self actualisation.

WORK – a daily grind or zest for life? - setting course - satisfaction of achieving - make it easy - attitude & passion - working together - out & about - knowledge & self improvement – fountain of youth BEAUTY BEGINS WITHIN – understanding the science & soul - body – shape, face, hair, skin, nails, energy, - soul – feelings, self awareness/self-assured, actions, attitude - the power of passion and being happy. - inspiration & creativity LIFESTYLE MATTERS – minimising stress - make a huge difference to your beauty & youthfulness by what you do - beauty & business - balancing work, rest and play - the †˜agers’ - junk & processed food, unbalanced diet, sleep deprivation, smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise, lack of fresh air - the importance of friends and family and colleagues NATURE’S GIFT - super powers - beauty secret - healing power of plants - pure source – simply beautiful - harnessing nature - get your own Extreme Goddess Makeover via Mother Nature. BEAUTY FOOD – nourish your body, nurture your soul - eat yourself beautiful - fresh, whole, healthy & delicious food - super foods - colour me beautiful. feel good food - nutrition & diet, health & wellbeing - menus and Recipes for Healthy and Beautiful Body & mind OUT AND ABOUT ACTIVITY / FRESH EXERCISE - easy exercise | keep moving and the list went on.... On reflection I think I have found some great ideas to explore and write about on this blog.
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