natural beauty

What is natural beauty?

There are women who glow inside and out, who ooze vitality and happiness. Their beauty doesn't the fit traditional conventions of a glossy magazine. They don't have perfect features, but wellbeing and confidence exudes from every blemish-free pore.

Look closer at their beautiful smile, clear bright eyes, thick glossy hair and soft smooth skin not made-over or covered up. Not only do these women look good, they feel good too. With a sense of commitment and contentment they pursue what they love - in business, pleasure and family. This is natural beauty - a women who is beautiful inside and out - physically, mentally, emotionally.
The first step in learning how to reach this state is to take care of your body with clean food - eating nutritious superfoods everyday that feed skin. The second step is active natural and organic beauty products without additives, fillers and toxic ingredients. The third is a nourished life filled with outdoor activities, relaxation and mindful experiences.


So, does a natural woman wear make up? Of course she does. But for much of the time her foundation is clear and well-moisturised skin with a touch of natural lipstick and flick of mascara. Her makeup is understated, she knows she need only enhance her best features.

Going barefaced and letting people see the real you - sun spots, freckles and all - is liberating & time saving. All over the world women are embracing a more natural, toxin-free life - from catwalks to school yards, wellness warriors to mature mamas. Today a vast array of eco-chic quality products are available.

At Lük Beautifood we innovate. We take pure oils, waxes and butters, add nothing we shouldn't (like nasty synthetic preservatives and fragrances) and make a delicious menu of natural lipsticks flavoured from real citrus fruit and culinary herbs and spices. Our products nourish, hydrate and illuminate your lips.

We talk about food actives, what beauty nutrients your hair and nails need, how to beat dry skin and what it takes to slow down ageing. In our beauty kitchen you'll learn about our carefully selected ingredients, what skin-loving vitamins, minerals and antioxidants do and where to find them, plus how to eat yourself beautiful.

If you’re ready to ditch the toxins and be a natural beauty, start by treating your lips in our online store. You can try every shade of Lük Beautifood's signature Lip Nourish™ for $10 and get a $10 voucher. Not only will it enhance your natural beauty, Lip Nourish™ is far healthier for you than a standard lipstick. Feel comfortable in your own skin and empowered to live the life you love.

 Image by Ben Scott

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