Mothers Day Eight Years On

Mothers Day Eight Years On

A few years ago, we published an interview with a delicious woman by the name of Patricia Alice Mitchell, my lovely mother. Since then, there have been a lot of changes. So now I want to give you an update on what has happened eight years on.  I also have a little bonus interview with my gorgeous daughter Ciara.   I hope you enjoy reading these personal stories of two very important women in my life.

Mum's Story

"In the year I turned 70, (2014) concerning health changes began for me, resulting in a diagnosis of Amyloidosis, a rare condition where foreign protein attacked my kidneys. My life expectancy became drastically shortened to 12 months. This diagnosis led to a life of medical appointments, tests and hospitalisations. The medication had worse side effects than the actual condition.

With the love and help of my family, especially my daughter Cindy, I became well again and have been in remission since 2018. The fact that my daughter's husband Tony was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers in the same year was a double whammy for Cindy. My weight dropped to a low of 52kg and my height is 177cms!!! Being just skin and bone meant it was hard to stay warm and my muscle tone evaporated along with my strength and energy.

Before all this happened I had been a very healthy person. Gradually with the help of a dietician and eating fresh natural ingredients I began to regain weight. Mindfulness and Tai Chi practiced daily during my convalescence helped my recovery. Lip Nourish products for my lips encouraged me to smile more often.

My pride in my daughter Cindy's Luk Beautifood products continues to be a source of great pleasure to me. As an older person I am excited by the range of moisturizing products to apply in my beauty routine. In particular I love Skin Nourish and the glow it gives my older skin. The Lip Crayons feel lovely and the color range is very becoming for a mature aged lady. They actually feel luxurious and are so easy to apply. 

In the last 12 months I have sold my house and land and have relocated to a retirement village overlooking Lake Macquarie. This was a massive undertaking requiring heaps of energy. I still can't quite believe that I have accomplished this from where I was in 2015.

Motherhood has inspired me to want to be around for many years to come to cherish my family. I am so very fortunate to have this second chance."

Ciara, Cindy, Patricia
Ciara, Cindy, Patricia

I've always been inspired by the strength that my mum has shown. As a mother, I have always wanted to impart the same kind of strength to my children. To continue the celebration Mother's Day, I asked my daughter a few questions to see if I was able to extend the same values that I learned from my amazing mum. 

Ciara's Thoughts

What inspires you most about me?

- You're smart and kind

What important life lessons have I taught you?

  1. You get what you give
  2. Work hard and it pays off
  3. Be kind and thankful

What’s your favourite Lük product?

I don’t have only 1! The Aromatic Skin Nourish™Vitamin C Lip Nectar™ and Lip Nourish™ - Nude Pink

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, mother-in-laws, carers and all other "mothers" who deserve to be celebrated or remembered on this special day.


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