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Mother's Day | an unplanned picnic

The day before mother's day we found ourselves in the operating theatre of Royal Nth Shore hospital. Our 6 year old was getting his buttock sewn up under a general anaesthetic. I imagined we'd be stationed at home for Mother's Day and I'd be doing a lot of mothering.


Dawn broke and Karl came running into our bed eager to wish me a Happy Mother's day and give me his gorgeous card.

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We had planned during the week for our mother's to come to our place for lunch so somewhere whilst lolling in bed and 10.30 hubby & I miraculously packed a picnic instead and we all piled in the KIA Grand Carnival (love that 'bus') and headed for the beautiful botanical gardens. Thousands of mother's in pink had been part of fun run so the city was packed with mother's & daughter's of all ages. Gorgeous.



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Our food was simple - tossed together from the fridge and Harris Farm, the rugs 'un-designer', but the champagne was vintage (yeh hubby), the sun was shining and the harbour stunning. We chatted, lazed, explored the the gardens and grazed. 3 generations were together (Hubby's mum in the jeans and green belt is 82!! If I have half her energy & attitude at that age I will happy) What more do you want?

What did we pack? Fresh bread (Sonoma Wholewheat miche + baguette from Ganache), rosemary crackers, zucchini Flats, pretzels, hummus, beetroot relish, chunky rocket & almond dip (all 3 purchased), leg ham, smoked salmon, a whole lettuce, bunch fresh herbs from the garden, tomatoes, avocado, whole capsicum, olives, gherkins (ciara loves) some cheeses - soft & creamy + pecorino. A big chopping board, picnic basket with everything you could need, Ciara's mother's day flower for me. Mum had baked an apple, blueberry & plum pie, I threw in some fresh raspberries and there was a cafe nearby for coffee.


Hope you had a delicious day too.

Cindy x

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