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Monday motivation - mindfulness

Apologies for not taking the time to write my monday motivation snippets lately. I am glad you know my philosophy, if you can't do it all "let it ease" and not get 'wound up' . I have a couple of gorgeous interns - Kimberly & Lisa who have joined luk for the next few months which means I have been spending time with them so they get to know luk, that coupled with school hols means time has been squeezed.
This weeks inspiration is about mindfulness, about cultivating the skill of paying attention to your inner and outer experiences with acceptance, patience, and compassion.
It sounds strange but mindfulness is the awareness that is not thinking but which is aware of thinking. I am part of an "extreme thinking" project so I have got to delve in. (more next year!) And all of this thinking or not thinking makes me stop and to think (!!) about those truly beautiful people we admire..those that are present, are gentle and have time for others. #naturalbeauties Our minds always wander and frequently! Often we are often lost in daydreams about the past or the future. More than often we are concerned about how much we have to do and if in fact we can do it. Whilst it is good to dream and have goals &/or be busy it quite often produce stress, anxiety, fear and worry. Regular daily practice of Mindfulness develops our ability to pay attention to our immediate experience – The Now – helping us to overcome such pre-occupations so that we can clearly see what is happening in present moment. Instead of being stressed, worried, angry, and the like, we grow in our ability to choose how we want to act in situations, often in ways that might have been out of our reach before. Doing this brings clarity and melts away what seems like a problem. So, begin to bring awareness to your everyday life, try not to let your mind be distracted - you can start by simply focusing on your breathing (in for 4 out for 8) and follow the physical sensations of the breath as it flows in and out of the body, start to practice yoga or arrange a beautiful vase of flowers! There is lots written on mindfulness, I just wanted to plant the seed so you begin to think about thinking...or not! Have a beautiful week. x cindy luken signature Image Source: Prudent Baby via Pinterest
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