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Monday motivation | Inspirational quote on natural beauty

Today's inspirational quote for monday morning motivation is
Beautiful things don't ask for attention because by nature they receive it.
This quote is beautiful in its simplicity and is the very essence of the lük brand we are on a journey to create. January is about a New Year & Natural You. I so believe in natural beauty - in being naturally beautiful because of who you are. Being bold enough to follow your dreams, to believe in yourself and bare your confidence, to make under not make up, to take the time to nourish your body with clean food and natural and organic skin products because you understand the daily impact chemicals can have. I love how taking time out, unplugging and kicking off your shoes to frolic in the sand with your kids does so much for how beautiful you look and feel. From now on I want you to try and use less makeup and bodycare products. Whether it be ditching your traditional foundation or swapping to an artificial colour and fragrance free sheer lipstick , I want you to get in touch with how you feel with less – I hope you are surprised because beautiful things don't ask for attention...... they just get it! At luk we’re wholeheartedly embracing a Natural You this year. Expect beautiful lips, clear skin, vitality and balance. And expect to hear from us a little more each month now we have the time to share. cindy signatures RGB-06 (excited mother of 2 with BOTH in school this year!)
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