Confidense...wear it like make up

Monday motivation | be inspired to do a 3 day beauty detox

Good morning, today's inspirational quote for monday motivation is
"Confidence, wear it like makeup'
And with it I want to inspire you to get your body - inside and out feeling and looking fabulous. I am feeling really excited about our first ever online mini 3 Day Beauty Detox starting this Wednesday 19th.. Monday 24th (sorry I had issues with creating our first ever slideshow!) That means we have 3 days of Beauty Detox posts to start your skin glowing, your energy levels up and your 'can do' awakened. Try our ways for 3 days to 'detox your beauty' with what you eat, apply to your skin and maintain balance.
Day 1
EAT CLEAN, LEAN & GREEN - what are the top beauty detox foods, make over your pantry and simple recipes to eat yourself beautiful. Click here for how
Day 2
TOSS THE TOXINS - we will raise your awareness of what you expose your body to via your daily skin and body care routine– from soap and shampoo to lipstick & perfume
Day 3
BODY LOVE - take time to move, be mindful, stretch and find balance. This is the month to enhance your natural beauty and break bad habits that have crept in because of your oh so busy lifestyle. I hope you can join me. cindy luken signature


Join me for a 3 day online beauty detox for glowing skin and more energy. Join me for a 3 day online beauty detox for glowing skin and more energy.
Featured Image: via Pinterest from Beautiful Words of Wisdom on Tumbler
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