Be Beautiful

Monday Motivation: How To Be Beautiful - Be YOU!

I believe in natural beauty. In a woman who †˜writes her own story’! This has always been my manifesto.
A woman who knows and understands what makes her smile every day, what she loves and is good at, who is the interesting and interested one, who oozes energy and passion to do things effortlessly - this, I believe, is the very definition of being beautiful. When we ignore our own feelings, when we act like someone we are not, we are basically abandoning ourselves. On the other end of the spectrum, when you learn to take care of yourself, to recognise your emotions and needs, to discover your true heart's desire without fear, you feel full of love and good energy radiates from within which translates to that healthy glow you see on the outside. Why try to be someone who you cannot be? Have the inner strength to ignore what’s happening around you. Take inspiration from others, but cultivate your own beauty. No one can be free unless they are an individual! A woman who owns who she really is, unashamedly, is a vision to behold, don't you think? Cindy Tell me natural beauties, what do you think makes someone truly beautiful from the inside out?
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