Embrace Change

Monday Motivation: Embrace Change

Change. It happens every day, every moment. And while some changes may bring about quite a bit of fear, I always see change as a golden opportunity to grow.
Preparing for and embracing change is a very natural process in life. It allows us to evolve, to live fully, to overcome fear and uncertainty, and to potentially flourish as we step into the unknown. I love to look on the bright side; to me change is like a surprise and I love surprises, new and fresh ways of doing something or looking at things differently. Whenever change is occurring, I like to go with the flow. Embracing change with ease, rather than resisting it, is the secret to honouring yourself and honouring your life. It gives you energy, a new perspective and a boost of adrenalin. Think about it like this: if things never changed, you’d never learn anything new nor embark on certain paths that lead you to better opportunities. What's a life without discovery? Sometimes change is unexpected, and uncomfortable, but we often have no choice but to accept it and to learn from it (things do happen for a reason, after all!). The stressful changes we may resent at the time, are often the ones that push us out of our comfort zone and allow us to become who we are supposed to be. Other times, we have to take control and make the conscious decision to instigate change in order to better our circumstances and grow into a more rounded and balanced person. A world without change would be quite boring, so my advice is to embrace it, and welcome it with open arms! Cindy How do you embrace change natural beauties? x
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