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Monday Motivation - a clean start

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.
A clean start, a new beginning. Does the feeling of trying something new give you a little spine shiver? Do you love embarking on new projects, going to new places or embracing new concepts? Clean eating, clean beauty and clean living tho not all new ways are relatively new terms in Australia. CLEAN is about taking care of your self with the food you eat, the products you apply to your skin and the home and environment you live. Clean = as it is, nothing added, nothing stripped away. This month at luk we explore clean. You may have seen the words pop up at the beginning of the year when I tweaked our website layout. The first time I saw the term "CLEAN FOOD" & "CLEAN EATING" was when I met Terry Walters (author and clean food advocate) in NYC at BlogHer in August 2012. Ever since then I have had that little shiver, that feeling you get when you have 'found' what speaks to you.

So, here are 3 things to help you to cultivate a clean start:

1. You are NEVER TOO BUSY to start afresh.
Although you always seem too busy, pause for a moment and see if you can start or achieve something new. Whether you’re in your 20’s, just had a baby or are flat out at work, being too busy is never an excuse.
2. Keep it Clean. KEEP IT SIMPLE.
I think this is why I love the concept of clean. It strips back 'life' to the most simple lowest common denominator. Do you feel things get too complicated and you loose perspective. Get back to basics, keep it clean so you can just...... start.
I don't mean that you do everything everyone asks of you (I am huge believer in being strong enough to say NO and not take on what you really don't want to) but I am saying in new situations, when there is a better way, don't be scared to say NO. Just try it....! Together, let’s embrace this new CLEAN term with a decision to try – and reach beyond your own backyard! See change in you and your family in the way you live, motivate those around to make a clean start no matter how small. Start clean this week and enjoy what we share on our blog about Clean Eating & Clean Living! Have a fabulous day. Cindy x Image source: Pinterest

be delicious.... inside and out

Clean Beauty begins with a natural lipstick made with edible foods. Why not try our Lime & Ginger Lip Nourish? Clean Beauty begins with natural lipstick made from edible foods. Why not try our Lime & Ginger Lip Nourish?
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