Be Thankful

Monday Motivation: Be thankful

Thank you.
I say this word every day, whether out loud or as a silent mantra to myself. Gratitude and thankfulness are major sources of happiness for me. Whenever there is something going wrong in my life or perhaps I lose sight of what’s important, feeling thankful for something that is going right quickly snaps me out of it and grounds me again. We are told all the time that we need this, we need that, we are not doing good enough, we should be doing much better, but really it comes down to YOU.
When you are truly grateful, you don’t need anything. You forget about what’s lacking in your life and realise what’s abundant. It makes all the difference when you start to notice the blessings all around you instead of focusing on what’s not there. You might even realise you already have absolutely everything you need!
Gratitude and thankfulness are not just words; they are substances of being. They are feelings of clarity, strength and happiness that we hold in our heart and actively display outwards to the world through kind gestures and loving words. Start small by appreciating that your feet are planted on the ground right now, that there is oxygen coursing through your lungs, that you have the liberty of making choices for yourself each and every moment – good choices. Or you might want to write down a few things you are grateful for on paper, tell a friend or family member how thankful you are to have them in your life or perhaps simply just look around and say the magic word: thank you.
Being thankful is a gift, a gift that you can give to yourself and others so as to spread joy and fill any dark cracks with love and joy. Always remember that.
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