monday morning mantra mmm

Good morning and happy Monday! We all have those days where we feel like the world is against us, when days whirl by and our to-do lists seem to exponentially grow. You know those moments I’m talking about! No-one is immune, and it’s best to deal with such situations with an even temperament and calm spirit. During moments like this there’s a quote that I like to repeat to myself – †œBe at peace, not in pieces.† Although only a few words in length, it can make an astounding difference to my mood and the hold I have over an event. It means to maintain your composure and clarity rather than crumbling into pieces and making a mess/becoming too frustrated at yourself. It can be extremely relaxing too, perhaps use this mantra at the start of early morning yoga or meditation. I know I need it this monring! Give it a go and share your experiences. Keep laughing pic via
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