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monday mantra | no diet talk

This mantra is marvellous. It's wraps up my food philosophy in 3 simple little words. NO DIET TALK. The stress alone of having to stick to a raw food or low carb diet or only eat sweetened foods that use unrefined sugar is beyond me. Stress can seriously mess with how you look and feel. We all are busy either working, juggling lots on our plate or looking after kids & a home so we don't need the extra stress of "you can't shop there, or can eat this or can't eat that" ...and then feel guilty because you have. When you live in a chronic state of stress, you are constantly producing the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for weight gain, high blood pressure and collagen breakdown. Dr Amy Wechsler says it is linked to:
  • Wrinkles
  • Irritation & allergies
  • Hormonal mood swings
  • Puffy tired eyes
  • Mini-menopause
  • Adult acne
We are lucky to have so much choice and variety of fresh, beautiful foods. The trick is not get wound up in one particular style of food but to simply:
  • Eat lots of fresh ingredients including water!
  • Don't OD on anything: sugar/sweet foods, processed foods, coffee, tea wine etc
  • Eat a variety of unprocessed foods: grains, healthy oils, seeds, pulses, vegetables, fruit, meats, fish, nuts
  • Try and eat organic where pesticide loads are known to be exorbitant.
  • Avoid artificial colours, flavours & preservatives.
  • Don't stress out trying to work out what to eat or feel guilty for occasionally dishing up something else...who can beat fish & chips by the beach or an occasional ice cream whilst on holiday.
Have a gorgeous week. Cindy x Image source..... This pic exists because a fabulous lady has designed a stencil. She says "Sick of diet talk in the lunch room, at family dinners and during otherwise deep and meaningful conversations? Wear a No Diet Talk brooch and your friends, family, workmates and casual conversation partners will know where you stand. This badge has been designed by me, yep even the stencil typography, and cut from acrylic. You can wear it on your lapel or use it as a stencil for sprinkling icing sugar or powdered chocolate over hot beverages or small baked goods. Handy!" Image source: Fancy Lady Industries via Pinterest
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