live what you love

monday mantra | live what you love

{LIFE} Happiness is generated from finding what it is you love to do and pursuing it, making it your life. It sounds simple but it's true. If you are doing day to day what you truly love then it becomes effortless, you don't have to question if it is right or wrong or wish you had the energy to make it work . Are you living what you love? If not, start taking baby steps to do so. No one else will do it for you. I am midst of a 7 year plan. Before kids I planned this little business but this time not working a 60-70hr week like I did in Luken & May Biscuits, instead 15-20hrs pw. Using technology & the internet - our new way of shopping and communicating allows this. I love being in control of my destiny, of making things that customers enjoy. Luk Beautifood is my 'life love' as well as being mum, wife and friend. Have a delicious week & enjoy your day off today if you are celebrating the Queens birthday. Cindy x Source: pinterest via Southern Piphi
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