Get stuff done

monday mantra | get sh*t done

I was moaning last week to my table of biz women that it was taking too long to get my new website up, to get 'events' rolling out, that there was too much to do.

Because I have set a mantra of not working that many hours a week (20hrs), things seem to drag on, so I just push out the the detriment of my mood and self worth.

Coupled with this ...ever since I had kids I seemed to get immersed way too deep into a project. Bizarre isn't? When you are time poor arn't you are suppose to skim over the top of things and focus on priorities? I think I am trying to prove myself, to who I have no idea. And it's all wrong.

Well this week is different, I just worked 2 weeks in 1 and guess what? I got sh*t done. Hmm.

I guess rules are to be broken, I just need to make sure I don't do it very often.....but I do feel oh so good for making serious progress.

Hope you have a productive week.

Cindy x

PS - my first ever professional shoot for the website front page was awesome!!

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