Monday Mantra Being Different

monday mantra | being different

Do you find it strange that brands work so hard to be different, to stand out from the crowd, then their customers just want to follow this look ? I do. Uniqueness is priceless in this weird and wonderful world, find the courage to be your awesome self. I went to Orange (3 hrs west of Sydney) for a party and I left my jacket at home. Bad move it's freezing in the evening and the party was outdoors. I went to 'Vinnies' whilst waiting to be collected by hubby & kids after catching the train there (a very bold move if you know NSW trains), bagged a gorgeous $25 long suede jacket (never worn) and never felt happier (or warmer). It takes a lot of strength to stand alone, but it's worth being you. What did you do this weekend that made you rock? Image via Pinterest
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