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I love this quote. Often we think we are not ready to start something new or we want what we are doing to be perfect, so it drags on. We then get frustrated and disappointed in ourselves for not doing it, especially when you see your fabulous idea picked up by someone else! Sound familiar? I can recount many of those examples and funnily enough they have come in the years post and pre owning my own biz, when my self confidence & belief-in-self levels were at their lowest. I dabbled at this and that and spent a massive amount of time researching and making ppt presentations & spreadsheets look gorgeous & talking about wanting another business but never actually started anything. (I admit ....I knew we should start a family but could not wrap my head around how life was going to completely change!) It was not until we had begun our BIG life-changing event (babies!) that things started to come together. Then I just started again, blogging on blogspot (because it was easy) then sharing recipes in the (Wordpress) before quietly putting up (again Wordpress). It's far from perfect - 2 sites & a bit of brand chaos BUT I did begin, slowly, cheaply (DIY) on 15 hrs a week so I could be there for my little ones. When you begin, you learn. You can mould what you have, transform it based on insights. It grows with you and makes you feel good. It is so much better than doing nothing. Just begin. NOW. Not tomorrow. And with that I better begin the consolidation and transformation of my luk beautifood & beautykitchen sites into one! Have a fabulous week & Happy Mother's day if that is you. Cindy x Image source: via Pinterest
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