mmm motivation | moisturise daily!

mmm motivation | moisturise daily!


I laughed when I read this quote and immediately thought I'd like to add....from the inside out and out side in!

It is true tho, there is something calming about hydrated, soft and dewy skin, not only on your face but your whole body too.

And the easiest way to get there is 2 fold:

1. Eat foods rich in Vitamin A (think the red & orange family of F&V), essential fatty acids - especially omega 3 (think walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds and salmon), and beauty minerals ( sulphur - think Brassica family of cabbage etc, zinc - pumpkin seeds, calcium - sesame seeds, potassium - avocado).

2. Apply natural or organic moisturises, preferably made from skin foods that keep moisture in and attract moisture to the surface as it feeds the cells. You can also start dry brushing your skin to remove old cells and stimulate the lymphatic system to remove toxins, and increase circulation and cell re-growth.

My body moisturising trick is to use oil in the shower - simply spray a little olive & flax seed oil into your hand then smooth over your wet skin. Takes a few second and your body is instantly soft and smooth when you finished your shower....without being oily.

I hope your skin is feeling calm!

Have a delicious week.

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