early bird

mmm monday morning mantra | early bird....

I love this saying and was reminded of it this morning after watching the sun rise from the bush lookout on my walk this morning. In Sydney it has been raining so much lately so it was light relief to get out and get going, the trees looked like Christmas with misty droplets sparkling in the early rays. It takes a massive amount of motivation to get out of bed early to exercise but when you do the reward far exceeds the lie-in. This is why I love it:
  • Kick starts your metabolism, wakes up your muscles (& mind) and gets energy flowing
  • Gives you time to yourself to think and plan your day helping you to get organised & feel more in control
  • Good for your health (& beauty!)
I have worked out if I walk out the door the around 6.15am I have half an hour to walk and do some standing yoga exercise as the sun rises, before the kids rise and before hubby leaves for work. Give it a try - you won't know yourself. Have a fab week, Cindy x Image from Superzoo via Pinterest
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