mantra mmm | Indulge this Easter

†œToo much of a good thing can be wonderful!†

Mae West

Happy Monday! How is everyone’s extra long weekend going? I hope you are spending some quality time with your family, friends, or even had some rejuvenating †˜you’ time! Did you try our mandarin & cinnamon brown sugar scrub in the shower or bath? This past weekend had me thinking about the word indulgence, and particularly the thoughts, feelings and emotions associated with it. Indulging should be an enjoyable thing; not something that we feel guilty doing. Merely saying the word elicits ideals of spoiling yourself, giving in to temptation in a sensual way. Easter – and with it a horde of chocolate eggs – can alter this idyllic ideal of indulging, and move towards the negative realm of gorging. No need for the negative associations, especially if you chose raw cacoa or dark 70% chocolate eggs or ate wholefood (not fluffy preservative filled) hot x buns! Indulge in your Easter traditions – slowly savour your Easter eggs and hot cross buns! Hop back to work tomorrow feeling indulged Beautifood bunnies! Cx Image: courtesy of Pinterest
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