mmm motivation| life is like a road trip

mmm motivation| life is like a road trip

Today's mantra reflects my thoughts 100%.

If you have been following my story you'll know that I try to work about 20hrs a week so I can be spend as much time as possible with my little ones and especially #2 who has not yet gone to school.

However, for the last 3 months work has been far more intense as I gave myself the goal of getting this website up and to start putting the things in place to run luk beautifood as a 'proper' business by Christmas. Next year both kids will be in school.

Tho I have loved pulling everything together and 'turning up the heat' I have not loved how the 'backend' - home & family took a nose dive. It was impossible to do everything.

When hubby said he was taking a week off to take the kids on a road trip nth to his sister's property, instead of going WOOHOO, more time for me and my business, I said "I'm coming".

So tonight I find myself sitting in a gorgeous wrought bed in a rustic cottage on the top of hill in the middle of a paddock listening to my little ones snore as I type beneath candle light. ...(but with a charged mac book + personal hotspot!) Orders will still go out for Lip Nourish....because I planned my business that way! Cool hey?

Take a little time to absorb this week's mantra. Life is your own road trip so make sure you plan to travel light.

Have a delicious week too. x


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